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1 Race per Month?

I am planning to do either one duathlon or one sprint triathlon a month, this year. Does anybody think that this a bad idea. obviously i would make sure that I have enough rest between races. ie at least three weeks between. [8|]


  • tomroomtomroom Posts: 33
    That should be fine. Standard distance duathlon (10/40/5) would take a while to recover from, but if you are talking about sprint duathlons I would see no reason why you couldn't race more frequently than every three weeks if you wanted. Maybe do 2/3 races relatively close (1-2 weeks apart) then have a bit of time training so you can modify your training in time for your next races. That way you are not always resting or tapering for a race.


  • i've been competing for 18 years and tend to do 30+ events across the season, this will include triathlons, duathlons, running events, swimming galas, time trials. depends what goals you have, what you want to acheive, how good you are. i tend to use half as training towards bigger goals, as don't always have the time to train. i keep expectations low on the events i use for training and hope to do well at the events i wanted to race hard at.
  • To reinforce Peddlers comments, prioritise some of the events and taper for them. don't bother to taper for the rest use them as part of your training, get the benefit of practised transitioins and bricks. The amount of time you need to taper and rest afterwards wil depend on you priority for the event but alos the amount of training you are doing each week and your level of fitness.

  • To quote "The Belly"

    "saturday 2000mtr swim, sunday 20 mile bike to ansty castle hill park for cross country race, 6 miles very hard work, 20 miles back home to market bosworth. got to keep going people to beat, people to beat"

    I feel he uses races as training in Brick sessions. Great idea!! I am finding it hard to compete only once a month. I am trying to enter more events to get the buzz. Swim and run events combined with triathlons will do the trick!

    "Got to keep going"
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