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Floating Cleats

Further to my post about knee injuries from pedals, I have found floating cleats. I assume that by floating they allow more movement during the pedal stroke. Has or does anybody use floating cleats?



  • tomroomtomroom Posts: 33
    I use look cleats, the red and white delta ones which have the maximum degree of float. My reasoning being that it's good to allow your body to be able to move around a bit - you wouldn't do a whole ride with your hands in a fixed position or stay seated for too long. As your knees are put under a lot of strain and have the largest range of movement I think it's important to allow them the same rdegree of freedom. If you go with fixed cleats then due to the number of repeated movements being so high it would only take a slight deviation from what you are used to, to lead to pain and injury.

    The only argument I can think of for fixed cleats is more efficient power transfer perhaps? I would say this isn't a significant gain, should it be true, to run the risk of injury.


  • Thanks Tom,

    I went to Evans to get some cleats that you recommended and discovered that that the Shimano Cleats i have already are their version of Floating cleats (black with yellow tips). Are these good enough?, the website recons they give 4 deg of movement. I will quite happily get the red ones if they offer move movement!
  • SetantaSetanta Posts: 42
    I don't want to be presumptious but I would say that the vast majority of Triathletes and Cyclists are using Floating Cleats from one brand or another. If you feel that they float too much then simply tighten the tension screw and if not enough then loosen it.

    One problem with too much float, and this is only a personal comment is that the extra movement from knee and ankle meant I was loosing power when I was pedalling and then wasting precious energy trying to play catchup.
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    The reason why that has happend is becouse your seat is too high you should have your nee bent so you have flex in your legs like you see in this picture when your pedel is at its lowest point otherwise your overstreching them and thats cousing your knee probs and it can also lead to muscular and tendon damage.Try lowering your seat it and see if that works

  • tomroomtomroom Posts: 33
    Hi trimonster,

    sorry for any confusion about colour and the amount of float the offer, im only really familiar with Look pedals. Four degrees sounds ok to me but may be worth a try if the things TTX Pro dont work out. Maybe see if Evans can advice you on cleat position too. Hope you get it sorted.


  • transittransit Posts: 163

    I am pretty sure tightening the tension screw won't adjust the float of the cleats. It is purely there to alter the amount of force required to remove your foot from the pedal. The float is based on the geometry of the cleat versus the pedal and therefore on most systems can't be altered. I may be wrong but that was my understanding. I agree with the point about most people using floating cleats, I'd far rather avoid knee injuries than get that little bit more power. With a fixed cleat you are at quite high risk of causing 'tracking' injuries within the knee.

    I do totally agree with you TTX re: bike position is the first thing that should be checked. That person in the piccie looks a bit hard core! Depending on your bike experience this may not be the best example picture as he is ankling which takes practise but is certainly where most people (including myself) would like to end up.

  • ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    Depending on your bike experience this may not be the best example picture as he is ankling which takes practise but is certainly where most people (including myself) would like to end up.
    ?Ankling I am guessing from the picture that it is something to do with the foot position. Any chance of a more complete explanation?
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314

    Check it out, about ankling!!
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Ahh, See I'm completely out of date! I knew there was no proof that ankling would improve performance but didn't realise it had been discreditted, doh [&:] I've always found it feels quite good during drills, oh well, at least soemthing less to work on.

    The guy in the photo is strongly emphasising the pointing of his foot at the bottom of the stroke (my subjective view based on the fact that most people are adviced to keep the foot flat) , may be natural or deliberate. Either way not sure if it is a good representation of how to set up saddle height but as before it's quite an individual thing...And top of all that, I've already proved I know nuffin!

    I'm off to rethink my life [;)]
  • The shimano floating cleats are black with yellow tips, their fixed cleats are black with red tips. I don't really know anything about it but would guess fixed cleats are easier to get out of the pedal in a hurry in london traffic but floating are generally more comfortable for everything else, am i right?
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