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Entry Level Wetsuit

Question :

Anyone got advice on which co. makes the best beginner wetsuit ? Are there pluses/ minuses on different makes ? ( eg more bouyant, easier to get out of, better quality etc. )

Was at the Tri show on Sunday, and ORCA were there in force, but also other makes. ORCA RRP for their entry level was £150 .. SBR had it for £140. But what of other makes ( Blue 70 etc. )


  • Hi Damian, if memory serves, [8|] there was a good article on this in 220 last summerish time.... I'll take a look and see if i've still got it and let you know what it recommended.
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    although now old I'm quite pleased with my Ironman Instinct.

    thought you had one anyways [:D] Or was it rental?
  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Hi Damian

    I purchased a Snugglite (last years model) for very resonable price @ TCR from the TFN stand, they were very helpful.... I am planning to try it out this weekend - sea swim test in the North Sea !!

    The Snugglite is marketed as an entry level wetsuit. I will let you know how I got on with it
  • Hi Damian,

    You can rent a trisuit from Triuk for £25 a season. Why not try that option. I was looking at that option as you could probable get a new wetsuit every season.
  • DamianDamian Posts: 11
    Thanks for the feedback

    Gallantry ... if you did have that article that would great

    rj1265 ... v. interested to hear about how your suit goes ( mind the oil rigs ! )

    trimonster ... this is very interesting info ... I'll give them a call ... I am emigrating to Prague at the moment ( hence no training as living in a hotel - what a nitemare ) so I'll see how feasible it would be to get one one weekend .. .and when I'd need to be in London again to give it back

    Thanks to all as ever .. .DL
  • Hey Damian..... sorry have taken a look back to July last year and can't find it. Thought I starting getting 220 in April/ May time so it must have been in one of those issues... bummer as I need a wetsuit myself!

    Cheers, Karen

  • Hi - last year I hired mine (a foor quantumn2) from tri uk (tri-uk.com) and decided to keep it...seems to be grand for my low quality swimming ...total cost was 125 I think £25 rental and because I kept it (i told them first and its also the way they operate) I effectively lost my deposit..

    its a nice suit...at present I can see how buying a better one will improve my swimming especially as I have a long way to go in terms of swim technique...

    London oly swim last year was 37minutes ....currently my swimming has improved to the extent that I am likely to be closer to 30minutes

  • glencglenc Posts: 8
    I just bought my first wetsuit, but in terms of bargain hunting, you can do a lot worse than have a look at some of the american Triathlon websites.

    I just got my first - an X-Terra Vortex from http://www.goforitsports.com and the cost was $275 - considering how strong the pound is, that' a bargain, and even

    better if you can go over and pick it up! You will have to pay VAT to customs and postage on the item, but even with that added, at almost $2 per £1 this is a bargain. This suit was their second from top of the line, and the advice I got from this company was great - they talked me down from the top model as they said for beginners to intermediate this is a harder wearing suit, more bouyant and less prone to tearing. Now thats service - dont remember the last time I spoke to someone from a shop and got talked DOWN in price. :-) I highly recommend them! Also worth looking at their trisuits on sale too as I got a couple while over there and IMO the De Soto suits are a lot nicer feeling/fit than the Orca's you get over here - also have much more padding to help avoid saddle pain for new triathletes too.
  • last year i hired one through the londontraithlon.com website for £50which was really pleased with and think ill do the same again this year

    ive got a feeling that they are doing a wetsuit group test in next months 220 magazine
  • DamianDamian Posts: 11
    Thank you for the excellent info ... I'll get next month's tri mag and then make the decision ! Moving to Prague, so hopefully over there there will be an opportunity to try some open water swimming !

    Otherwise they'll be wondering "Who's the weird foreigner wearing a wetsuit in the swimming pool ?"
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