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IM France (Nice)

Hi all - doing IM Nice in June and very happy with the swim and run (both flat) but I'b be interested to hear form anyone whose done the event to know whether there's any point in using a fairly agressive TT bike with Mavic Comete rear disc wheel. The alternative is a nice light Sigma Dedachai Aluminium frame steed with Bontrager x-lite wheels. I do my long training rides on the Sigma but typically race olympic distance on the TT bike ( Litespeed Blade ) which is heavier but more aero and very fast in a straight line.

The profile of the course is hilly so I don't know if I'd be in the aero position much so I'm thinking the Sigma which I can handle much better and is lighter might be the better option.

Any advice welcome


  • I'd like to know the same thing. From what I can gather, none of the climbing is particularly steep (average around 5%). Looking at the video from last year, there was the usual mix of road and TT bikes that you expect at an Ironman race. Personally, I think I'm going to use my TT bike with my Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels.
  • nickbnickb Posts: 13
    Thanks for that - do you know where can I get hold of a video of last years event ?
  • n1ck bn1ck b Posts: 27
    What date in June is IM France?

  • 24th June this year...

    I've just booked flights, accom and entered... not sure what bike to use just as yet. I think I'll go for my TT bike but might put a set of road bars on it maybe?? Not too sure yet...
  • nickbnickb Posts: 13
    IM France is 24th June.

    I've been reliably informed that although none of the climbing is especially steep road bikes as opposed to TT's are the norm amongst the Pro's + top groupers so I reckon I'd better go for comfort and light rather than flat speed as I can't see myself in the Aero position that often...

    Blade stays at home, trustly Dedachai gets the nod methinks !!!
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