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ANDREWS SALTS / household products for endurance

Totally by chance I have discovered that Andrews salts appears to do wonders in delaying lactic acid buildup during longer / intense sessions.

Had a dicky stomach last week and had a glass of the stuff, felt better by lunch and went for a long run and I was amazed at how my legs felt so much fresher than usual.

I couldn't understand it and decided to repet this a few days later and experienced the same phenomenon so could only put it down to the Andrews.

The ingredients include Sodium Carbonate, and magnesium sulphate - has anyone else heared of these ingredients being beneficial for endurance athletes ??

A WORD OF WARNING - if you're thinking of testing this out make sure you don't go for a laxative dose and ensure you leave it to stand for a while before drinking i.e as flat as possible or you'll have to make several unwanted pitstops particularly if you're running.

Any other household products that might help me keep going for longer welcome !!!


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    bicarb of soda is also meant to delay the onset of lactic acid build up.Cyclists doing short time trials have used it in the past but the medics totally discounted it (typical cynics)saying that the onset was delayed by such a short time period that it had a more detrimental effect in the long run.But if it works for you.I use Andrews if I train/race within an hour of eating to settle my stomach particularly advantages on those early morning starts.
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