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Bike Dilemma

I'm the the market for a new Carbon frame and can't decide between the specialized s-works Tarmac, Trek Madone 5.2 SL, Scott CR1 SL or the Pinarello Dogma.

I have found that I can get all of these frames for a similar price (Trek is the 2006 version but not much has changed apparently)

I need a lightweight and responsive frame that I can use for training, and racing (olympic and IM) but I have another commuting bike which is used day to day.

I will be transferring my Dura Ace Groupset from my recently knakered frame with Bontrager X Lite wheels so all I need is the frame !

If there are any technical experts out there any help advice is appreciated - basically what is the best bet given the same / similar prices for each.



  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    I'd get the tarmac as i have one and i find it to be excellent.. You can pick one up for about 1200 quid so its a bit of a steal especially if you cosider that 3 pro teams have their riders on exactly the same frame. Only my HO
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