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I need a new HRM... HELP

Hi - My Polar 810i seems to have died.. Had it about 18months (got from ebay) and having had the battery replaced a month ago it seems to have died again. I have been contemplating getting a new one anyhow (maybe the watch picked up on this thought...lol)... was thinking of a garmin but not sure...

Can anyone give any advice as to what their HR monitor preference is!?!?!



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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    I switched from a polar to the garmin 305 forerunner, love the fact I don't have to calibrate the foot pod (although I actually have the garmin one I've been doing all my running outside.

    Great device and the software works on the Mac now as well.

    Like the fact you can set a run you've completed as a course and then essentially race yourself around it (although it can be a bit depressing when you think the run is going great and you get beaten!)
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    Garmin ForeRunner 305 is a remarkable piece of kit.

    I'm creating a training run - 20min at HR Zone3, 20 min Zone 4, 20 min zone 3. - and it will alert you when new section starts.

    you can include rest sections and distance/pace alerts as well.

    the PC analysis is very good and although i haven't yet - it is possible to set up reference runs to repeat over time to compare performance.

    also the GPS pace/speed function means that you have no excuse for running too quickly (and I do mean that)

    yes, it's a lot of money and it is conspicuous but it is a proper training aid and, well, if you are serious about 'training' then you'll benefit from using it...
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    GallantryGallantry Posts: 38
    Thanks for the replies. Am going to send my Polar off to see if it's something simple and then I think you guys have convinced me to go Garmin <like I needed much convincing anyhow, I'm a women therefore any excuse for retail therapy ;o) >..... Was told at the weekend that the Garmin PC/ MAC software wasn't all that but it looks like maybe that's not quite true - any thoughts?
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    rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Training Center is okay but it only holds training sessions where you have used the Garmin. The are endless dicussions about the merits of it and the motionbased subscription website on the motionbased forums

    therefore .....

    For a good free (shareware , make a donation) piece of training software try SportTracks for the PC, I have been using it for 11 months (since I bought my Garmin Forerunner 305). it is very versatile etc etc. You can manually add sessions (e.g. swim or weights sessions) where you haven't used the 305 and if you also had another HRM that was computer compatible you would also be able to upload data from it.

    Happy Training

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    RobRob Posts: 209
    Gallantry, I can recommend the Polar S725x. Got one three months ago. Bad things? You have to cal the footpod every time the battery goes. Good things? Pretty much everything else. I have a mate with the Garmin & he thinks the Polar software is better. You pays your money & takes your choice. I've used a Garmin 301 before & it seemed OK.


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    Gav1857Gav1857 Posts: 8
    I endorse the positive comments re: Garmin - I got one earlier in the year and it's a really impressive bit of technology. Some teething probs with Vista, but if you're a Mac user, these obviously won't affect you.

    I also noticed the other day that they're now quite heavily discounted at sbr...
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    WellaWella Posts: 188
    Checkout blokesstuff.com.

    I got a Garmin 305 with HR for £172. Not a bad discount!

    Just checked and its now £162 or you can get it with a cadence monitor for £199.

    And they are fantastic bits of kit.
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