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Can you do 2*70.3 in two weeks?

I've gone and done it and entered Swiss 70.3 next year but have realised my parents won't be able to make it - can you believe it ;o) ... so am looking to do UK 70.3 which is only two weeks later as well as Switzerland.

On the surface this doesn't seem like a sensible thing to be considering - but does anyone have any advice? Would it be possible to do 2*70.3s within 14days or would it be too much. Doing my first half Mary in October so not experienced at going long.

Thanks for your advice!!


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    If ouy're not that experienced at going long, it might not be a great thing to be doing 2 70.3's so close together, especially if you are not feeling 100% recovered by the time you do the second one. Can you consider the option of dropping out of the second one at the last minute and having them hold a place for you in the following year's race?

    Another option might be (and this is very much dependent on your training regimen, levels of fitness, etc, etc): use the first 70.3 as a training exercise and don't go all out on it, hold back a little something in each event and use your transitions for an extra minute or two of recovery to make sure you are not in danger of pushing too hard. As such, you won't be tapering too much for the first race, and just "training through" that race, using it as a preparation for the second one. Then, in those 2 weeks before the second race, you begin your tapering of training volume, raise your intensity and get yourself ready for that second one so you can be injury-free and really go for it.

    Of course, you also need to be honest with yourself and know your own psychology: will you travel all that way to Switzerland and NOT try for a Personal Best or feel like you have to really go for it on the day? If you are still just getting used to longer distances, will you be able to judge accurately how much is "pushing too much"?

    It's a tough call, but you could go either way with it, if you plan ahead.
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    Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    Be warned, the UK 70.3 is a killer of a course. I know that I would want to be as fresh as possible to do it. I personally go out to achieve the best time possible in every race I do. Thus I would not attempt 2 such races so close together.
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