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What Cassette for UK Half Ironman?

OK Peeps - what is the recommended ratio for Wimbleball? I'm bricking it as I've not been able to get down to the course and bike it (although did bizarrely get to drive it last Autumn).... currently I'm on a compact (50/34) and 12-25 on the rear cassette.. will that get me up those hills!?!?... Maybe I should be asking that question to my legs?! Hummm[;)]


  • dunedogdunedog Posts: 15

    I am also doing Wimbleball (maybe that should be the other way round?) and I think on the UKHIM website it says 25 or 27 on the back and possibly triple for beginners. Also not done the course (720 mile round trip not attractive at current petrol prices!) and only done 2 sprints so far in my illustrious career. Going out for last 50 miler up and down Lakeland passes Sun to fine tune my hill climbing. I've got a triple and still have to stand up on the lowest gear, in fact people walk past me. Really looking forward to that middle section! Not got any tri bars either..money ran out.
  • dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    I'm also going to be using a compact with 12-25 which I think will be ample (might have changed my mind mid-morning on 15/6 though...). When the website advises a 27 they're referring to 39-27 and 34-25 is a slightly lower gear than that.

    I biked the course a few weeks ago and its pretty hard. For me, the worst part is the first 10k which is a steady climb from transition out to the main loop. At least we'll get to roll down this at the end though.
  • KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    I'm on a compact with a 12-25 too - so like you can now only hope it'll be enough. My local bike tech guy seems to think you can get up anything on a 34-25, but he clearly aint seen my spindly legs! Just reading the race brochure download yesterday gave me the thins but can't wait to get on with it now.

    Dannymack - so just how bad was the firt 10K's you mention - or was it more of just a shame it was the first 10k ?? What about the infamous 14%er - did you manage to spin up it or were you standing in 34-25 gear ??

    Good luck to all - see you on course [&:]
  • dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    Good question Kiwipaul. I think the section up to the main loop is mainly bad as its the first section so we'll get to it cold.

    Also, have to caveat that I rode the course on my commuting bike (not a compact), it was a miserable rainy day, I had no warm up following a drive there from London and it was 6 days after I ran the London marathon - so perhaps these things contributed to how bad a time I had up that first hill...

    The two main hills on the second half of the course are also pretty tough. However, you're at least warmed up at this stage so I plan to spin up in the saddle for most, if not all, of them.
  • GallantryGallantry Posts: 38
    "spin up in the saddle"..... Oh how I can but dream... I'll prob be the one crawling up the infamous 14%er, literally on my hands and knees!!! LOL!!!!
  • i'll probably be crawling with you . i'm using 39 27
  • husslerhussler Posts: 237
    I used my 53/39 with a 12-23 cassette and was fine!!! :) just tell yourself its not that hilly :)
  • dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    hussler, you must have legs of steel.

    I actually swithed my 12-25 for an 11-26 SRAM cassette on the Friday before (when the guys on the stand told me my chain and cassette were a bit worn). was pretty happy to have 34-26 for some of the hills though as it meant I stayed seated all the way (which helps me to stave of leg cramps and supposedly helps for the run, although that was still pretty hard)
  • GallantryGallantry Posts: 38
    Well I happily survivied the bike... Had to get out of the saddle on the pylon hill (as I called it), and that short cheeky steep thing a little bit after the "14%".... so my combo worked - phew!!!
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