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Ironman Austria

Just one more thread but I'm feeling left out with the Switzerland and the France thread.

We're 24 weeks to go (July 8) and I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.

I'm a first timer and am trying to read all I can on it and wandering where I shoulkd be training wise at a certain time.

Right now my long swim on wed was 2800, Long run has been 10 but I feel I could do 13. Longest Cycle has been 43 miles and I know this is where I really need to start building, 50/55 planned for this weekend and we'll take it on from there hopefully.

Anyway, like I said I'm a 37year old first timer from Ireland who's hoping to finish with a smile for the camera, if that could happen in around 14 hours all the better.

Hopefully, us fellow IM Austria competiotors (loose term) keep in touch here.


  • gerrymcgerrymc Posts: 17
    Is there anybody out there???????
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,isn't that the start of 'comfortably numb' by Pink Floyd,quite apt for ironman training don't you think.I am doing the swiss one this year (see other thread) but did Austria last year.I am not competitive and just aim to get round and enjoy the experience.The longest ride I do is around 80 miles and longest run around 16 miles and can get round in about 14hours or so.These longest distances are usually about one month before the event injury permitting.Any questions I will be happy to try and help.

  • gerrymcgerrymc Posts: 17
    Thank you Jon, that's exactly the kind of information I love to hear, while it's great to hear about people doing century rides every 2 weeks it's very intimidating for the likes of me who's longest ride ever was 62.5 (100k), I've got 2 marathons behind me, one I trained well for and ran it wrong, and one I didn't train for (due to other commitments) and got exactly what I deserved. I wouldn't be strong in any category but will give it a good blast in all in training to get there.

    Thanks for the reply Jon

    All advice appreciated.

    By the way I'm going out for 50 in the morning, it's beautiful crisp weather here in Ireland this week.


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Gerry,I come from a running background and think the bike is an instrument of the Devil,All you need ,and judging by what you have said you already seem to have is a good base fitness.This will get you round an Ironman course,the part that puts most people off is the swim, in Austria the last part is in a canal by the time I got their all the dirt was stirred up and I kept getting a mouth full of S##t.The course is great for a first Ironman so you should really enjoy it.Have a great bike the weather looks good this weekend.
  • Gerry, I did Austria last year too. JonE is right - the course is not difficult. There are two noticeable climbs on the bike lap (and you do 2 laps). Although both are fairly short and nothing to worry about in themselves, I would make sure you're comfortable climbing, both in and out of the saddle.

    For my Austria training last year I only rode two 100+ mile rides, an 80 mile ride, a handful of 70-milers, and lots of 40-50 mile-ers.

    It's a great event. Tons of spectators, gorgeous setting, faultless organization and (hopefully) great weather. Do a couple of long rides, include some hills and you'll be fine. Enjoy!

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Gerry,hope the ride went ok.The only fault in Austria was the lack of access around the start?finish area for partners and friends etc let us know if you are going with anyone and hopefully/Ironjohn,myself and others could help make the 14hrs better for your spectators I definetly appreciate the support of my wife on the day.
  • gerrymcgerrymc Posts: 17
    traveling on my own I'm afraid, but managed to get a hotel only a couple of hundred metres from Swim start which should be a big help, especially afterwards. Looking forward to it in that sadistic kind of way that I suppose we all know.

    got a good week in last week and plan to keep it going from here, i'm still 23 weeks away so I plan to do some testing in week 21 and then be very structured foirm there on. Big factor right now is that I still need to lose abot 10lbs but i'm hopeful that the long cycles will sort that out.

    How's your own training going Jon.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Gerry hi,i am abit ambivalent about my training at the moment,I never get to use a structured plan due to shift work and other committments.However I alternate each week between long run or long bike ride increasing the distance each week as time progresses,and try to do at least 2 other sessions in a week,so 1 long bike then poss 2 runs and a swim or long run 2 bikes and 1 swim.On average about 7 hours a week.I am happy with my swim so maybe once a month do a long endurance swim.I never do as much as I want but hey who doesn't.Out of interest what is your ideal finishing time???Keep spinning.
  • gerrymcgerrymc Posts: 17
    Great to hear from someone who actually admits that he didn't do all these hours which reall freak out a novice.

    I really don't have a goal time in mind, I come from a field sports background (hurling/Irish game) so i've no real flair for any of the sports, I'm also as they say of the 'huskier' build, I'm 5'10 and just under the 14stone mark.

    For my swim I'll just have to see how it goes, I did 18.5 mins for 1k in a tri last year in a 25m pool so could prob knock another 30/45 ses off that in a TT but I've never done it. Cycling has improved and I just ordered my new bike today (yippee), I averaged just under 20mph last year in the toughest Olympic in Ireland (the hell of the west, Kilkee).

    My runnning is the bane of my life, I've done 2 marathons in the last year, NY in NOv where I'd only 3 weeks training done (hurling commitments) and a really tough route in March (Connemara Marathon) where I was in good shape but headed out too quick and had nothing left when I hit the 2 mile hill (yes, 2) at mile 22 and ended up walking a lot of the last 4 miles.

    Put all that together and it's very hard to predict any kind of time.

    My goal is to finish with a smile on my face, if that could be somewhere around 13.5 hours -Super.

    That would mean something like:

    1.5 hour swim

    6.5 hour Bike

    5 hour Run

    30 mins for transitions/ Pitt stops (many) etc...

    Training going quite ok (I think)

    Have to keep at the bike, but it'll come I know, did 50 last saturday and felt good.

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,don't worry about that huskier build I am 6'2 and 15 stones and usually have a whaling ship follow me on the swim course.Your time seems reallistic for the course.Quickest time for me was 13h 21m but it is a trade off between fast bike and slow run/walk or moderate bike and moderate run.I clocked identical times for my run and bike 5h56m last year.Ironmanracing is 40% nutrition and 60% mental attitude.When I race I have three times to aim for the first is always a qualifying time for Hawaii champs based on the race last year (possibility zero but hopeful anyway),the second time is a realistic time based on my best times for each distance plus 10%,the third is a variable one which I recaculate throughout the race as it occupies my mind.When you register everyone seems to be trying to psyche each other out by discussing the amount of training ,just relax and be supprised how many of them you pass on the run as they sit burnt out by the roadside.It is a long day at the office and how often do you get to spend a whole day doing something you enjoy.Ironman racing is a lifestyle for me not a life.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,hope the training is going well Gerry,saw the description of your new speed machine,hope the roads dry out for its pending arrival.'look mum no hands'.
  • kevfkevf Posts: 9
    Gerry - hope the training is going well. I'm also doing my first IM this year in Austria - looking forward to it and can't wait to be in the water at the start!!!

    Just one question to anyone out there who has done this event in recent years - what's the best/ cheapest way to get to Klagenfurt?? I live in the East Midlands so travel to most airports is relativley easy. I know Ryan Air fly to K during the winter but do they also fly during the summer months? Any advice welcomed.
  • Not sure if it's of any use to you kev but I'm flting to Treviso (Venice) with Ryanair from Ireland, possible your local airport might also go there. It's about a 2 hour drive from there but it's a lot closer than Vienna and it's one flight for me. I could fly to Salzburg from Dublin but thats a 4 hour drive for me.

    Another option I heard from people is Llubljana which is in Slovenia and is only about an hour away from Klagenfurt but I would have had to get to London first.

    I got a good deal for treviso anyway and hopefully there will be a couple of us on the flight to share the car journey.

    Keep in touch.

  • I flew BA from Heathrow to Vienna, then Tyrolean Airways from Vienna to Klag. Both airlines are fine about taking bikes, although you need to book your bike in advance onto the Tyrolean Airways flights.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi kev, the best is not always the cheapest,Ryanair used to go Stansted to Klag but they charge the earth for hold baggage.I went manchester to vienna then hire car to klag easy drive ,great scenery about 2.5 hours.Hope the training goes well.
  • gerrymcgerrymc Posts: 17
    Any updates out there from anyone doing Austria, we're now coming towards the end of week 19 (to go) to the race, long cycle planned for tomorrow, hopefully about 5 hours, have to get out early as I've to be back to watch Liverpool beat ManU at 12.45.

    How's training going with anyone else.??
  • kevfkevf Posts: 9

    Glad to hear you are still surviving the training. Mine's going pretty well at the moment. starting to get a few "test" events lined up to check my progress (the 100mile time trial at the end of may seems a bit daunting at the mo!!). I'm confortable with the swim (i am a strong swimmer), am getting stronger on the bike (Tacx Flow turbo with the power monitor, great for motivation!), and slowly building up my run distance (and avoiding injury!)

    Thanks all for the flight advice, ended up getting some decent flights from Austrian Airlines.

    IronJohn - you say there are two noticable, but fairly "short", climbs - just out of interest, how short is short?

    Also, what are peoples views on aero helmets? i keep looking at them and thinking, can i justify one?
  • lucylucy Posts: 4
    Hi, I'm doing IM Austria too as my first one having done a half last year. Training going OK but mostly worried about the bike as v v v slow. Currently getting out with a club for 45 miles once a week (and one hilly tortoise-paced 65-miler) though will pick this distance up come April.

    The schedule I am lightly following indicates cycling about 3/4 times a week come April with 1 and a half and 2 hour rides during the week as well as a long one at the weekend. Not sure I'll have the time or motivation for that. Any one else planning similar or do you reckon a long cycle at the weekend and a couple of spinning classes a week will be enough ?

    Also interested if anyone has details of the '2 short climbs' mentioned by kevf above ? Also any scary downhillers ? Not keen on speed but mostly because of pot-hole fear and I assume the roads will be in a very decent state for the race...

    Flying to Vienna then hiring a car for about £30 to drop off in Klagenfurt the next day. Train it back.

    Cannot wait, but all this training to get through first !
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Lucy,Hi,good luck with the training,as I mentioned above I did Austria last year,do not worry about the hills I hate cycling,live in the flatlands of Lincolnshire and they are not that bad,one tends to drag a bit and the other is reasonably short,as for the downhills max speed was 42 compared with a reasonable 55mph+ I got at the Swiss race.The drive from Vienna to Klag is easy and a great way to see the country .Remember who beat the Hare.
  • gerrymcgerrymc Posts: 17
    Hi Lucy, nice to hear from a fellow novice, I'm training away ok but really struggling to get in this 3sessions of each a week and to be honest I'm not getting in 2 of everything. Hoping from here on to get in 2 cycles a week at least and will try for a third but I really struggle to fit everyhting in, work and have a life. Maybe 'a life' is something I'll have after the IM.

    Keep it going Lucy, we'll get there. Thanks again for the advice Jon. What would be the tips that we should know for Austria but arent listed anywhere.

  • lucylucy Posts: 4

    Jon - thanks for the reassurance re the hills. Was at Zurich a couple of years ago as a spectator at Heartbreak Hill and dread something like that but you make Austria sound much easier !

    Gerry - good to read the postings on this thread and the more relaxed training styles given that most ironmen-in-training I've met so far have a personal coach and training camps lined up. I think we have to give up on normal life from April onwards - not found it so bad so far (except the early mornings trying to fit it all in), but my schedule kicks up a gear in a few weeks time and I'll have no mates after that !

    It'll all be worth it once that medal's round our necks. Good luck with the training and keeping injury free !
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi All,you will be pleased to know that there is no climb as bad as heartbreak hill and the descent are straight forward and not technical.I always found the second climb at Zurich the worst as it just goes on and on.With Austria it it more a rolling course with the last 15miles back into Klag an easy spin so that your legs are 'fresh' for the run.

    If you are driving around take care where you park as the traffic police are very eager to had out fines.50 euros for me last year and that was given out at the event centre easy target I suppose.

    Lucy do not worry about no training partners as it puts you in a good frame of mind for the race.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi this thread seams to have gone quiet over the last few weeks so every one must be out training.I was watching the Austria race on channel 5 the other day when I remembered that on coming back into transition after the bike leg you give your bike to a helper who kindly racks it for you,it was not racked in the original place they are racked in finishing order,finding a bike amongst 2200 other bikes is not a game I enjoyed playing when I wanted to vomit and sit down,it might be advantageous on entering transition to make a mental note of the number of full bike racks as you sprint passed them,if you are likely to be back in transition first ignore what I have said.
  • gerrymcgerrymc Posts: 17
    No major news with me but just want to keep the thread alive. I actually signed up with an online coach from now on, I think for 50 euro a month it'll give me great peace of mind and this week is actually less than i had planned but much better structured.

    This Saturday is a 4 hour cycle followed by 30 min run, I've no bricks done yet but my dog will be delighted as he can't go cycling with me, (Bike's broke) but boy does he love it when I go running.

    He doesn't look like this anymore by the way.

  • lucylucy Posts: 4
    My ! Your dog looks gorgeous in that photo - doubt I'd ever go cycling if I had him as couldn't leave him for a minute !

    Not been great last few weeks as been clogged up with chesty cold and cough and carried on training as best I could - big mistake as I reckon it was sure sign of over-training. Took 3 full days off last week and lots of sleep and feel normal again - phew ! Going to take it a bit easier - obviously my body isn't up to the hours I've been following in the schedule in Gale Bernhardt's book, so going to stop getting obsessed about getting the hours in (I hope). Good idea having an online coach if they can convince you to stop when you're a bit peaky, without your confidence dropping.

    Getting a bit overwhelmed looking at the bike distances building up over the next few weeks, but I guess take it a week at a time. Going for a 4 hour bike this weekend also (target pace 15mph) and will try and do a run over an hour as only done 10kms the last few weeks and need to get the distance up. Not got any bricks planned but hopefully I can motivate myself to do a run round the block after a bike ride nearer the time !

    Good luck training this weekend !

  • kevfkevf Posts: 9
    hi lucy - glad to hear you are over the cough/cold and you're getting back into the training.

    we're fast approaching 12weeks to go (scarey eh!) - i can still remember the feeling when i had my entry confirmed back in August last year, thinking, "well i've got almost a complete year to get ready"!

    as for bricks, best approach will be as you say to go out for a 15-30min jog/ shuffle after your long bike ride - just to get used to the feeling in the legs. i'd try to start doing them now (even if you only manage 10-15mins to start with). don't worry about pace/ distance, just focus on good techinique and trying to find a rythm.

    as for the rest of you, how's the training going? people on target? injury free? what pre-IM races are you doing around the country?? i'm based in Nottingham, so will be taking part in the Southwell Sprint (early may) and Dambuster Olympic (a fortnight before IM - a bit of a leg sharpener!!). also got a 100mile bike time trial lined up for the end of may as a test event. Let us all know what you've got planned!!

  • kevfkevf Posts: 9
    is there anybody still out there?????????????????????????????????????????
  • gerrymcgerrymc Posts: 17
    we're all too busy training. I've been checking from time to time as well wandering where everyone had gone. We're in training week 10 (to go), next week it'll be single digits (yikes). It seemed so far away for so long but now it's getting real, too real. We've been having great weather in the west of Irealand in the last few weeks so training has been a joy more than a chore.

    Just off a rest week and as luck would have it I'm back into a relatively easy week as I'm doing a race (Oly distance) on Sunday. I've signed up with a coach for the 3months to race and for peace of mind alone I think it's value for money. He has it all structured for me so the only thing I have to think about is the sessions themselves. I was afraid I'd blow it all close to race by training incorrectly.

    Hope evreyone else is going well.

    My longest sessions so far have been:

    Swim-4k (not straight swim)

    Bike-5hrs30mins (90miles approx)

    Run-2hrs 30mins (17miles approx)

    Let us know how you are all doing.
  • kevfkevf Posts: 9
    glad to hear things are going well gerry.

    i think the enormity of the task ahead is still only just dawning on me!! have started making a list of things i need to sort out prior to race day (i.e. making sure i've got some decent spare tubs and not the old knackered one i've been hauling around with me recently!!).

    longest sessions to date:

    swim - 5k (nearly all continuous),

    bike - 100mile,

    run - 21mile.

    have discovered running with an mp3 player recently - has helped the miles tick by!!

  • lucylucy Posts: 4
    Hello !

    It's getting very close now - 2 months tomorrow ! Training going pretty well now I have shaken off my cold, but not yet up to the distances of you two:

    Swim 3800m continuous a few weeks ago (a very boring 152 lengths in the pool) Hoping to do some open water but the sewage spill in the Firth of Forth has put me off for a while...

    Bike 124km last Saturday

    Run 2h16 mins (hopefully 15-16 miles) last Sunday

    I was finding the mp3 great for the running too but then discovered they are not allowed during the run - disaster ! Had some great tunes lined up to get me round.

    Been getting all the gear together - bike bag, aero bars, puncture resistant tyres (fingers crossed). Not tried the aeros yet, hopefully this weekend.

    Keep up the good work !

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