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Stupid Question?

This may seem like a stupid question but... I've only got one bike to train on and one day (in June) race. I've bought some clip on tri bars and have been using them in training to get used to their feel and aero position.

Question is, is it good etiquette to remove them whilst riding in a group for safety reasons? They are pretty easy to remove, but I've now got them set up just right?

Any advice appreciated.


  • tomroomtomroom Posts: 33
    The general feeling is that you shouldn't ride on them when in a group unless you are all confident and know each other. I wouldn't bother removing them though, just stay off them. Saying that if you want to get a bit of time on them then it's fine to do it when you are on the front or you can sit just off the back of the group.

  • What are the safety concerns when keeping them on while riding in a group?
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    takes a bit longer to brake and could do serious damage if you were to collide with one of the group.
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