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Training plan

Hi, I'm new to tri, and I've started thinking about training now that I've signed up for my first one at Windsor, then the London after that!

I commute to work about 15miles each way by bike, through London. I'm concerned that I'm not getting much quality riding in, except for the weekends. I'm managing to motivate myself to get to the pool or go for a run after work, but not back out on my road bike or on the turbo. All the training guides I've read are quite prescriptive about what to do and when, does anyone have any tips on building a training plan around commuting?



  • I don't commute to work by bike anymore but I used to ride 10miles each way through London. My plan was always to use the morning ride in as an easy ride to get some miles in but use the way home (sometimes with a detour to get some extra miles or hills) as more of a training ride. Traffic lights used to make for 'natural' interval training. These rides plus a long ride every other weekend used to be enough for me ..... BUT then again I do always finish at the back of the pack!
  • I used to have 6 miles to work and back in London, which was nowhere near enough so I would just ride straight to work in the morning and in the evening I would ride the opposite direction to home first for 5 miles then ride back home. Once a week I would cycle straight home (6miles) as hard as I could then run 3 miles as soon as I got home. A good brick session.

    I would use the ride home as a fast training session every second day. Every second weekend I would have a big cycle of about 3 hours.

    I hope this gives you more ideas for your training.

    You will love Windsor.
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