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Yorkshire Beginner

Hi new to the whole tri thing. Just getting back into some sort of fitness after a couple of years ill so my fitness is pretty poor. 4km run in 22mins, 20km bike in 54mins and 400m swim in 15-20mins with rests every 6 lengths. So as you can see well out of shape. I am hoping to do the Beverley sprint in August but i would like to do a super sprint before this to see how fit i am. So does anyone know of any supers sprints in the Yorkshire area or near to the Yorkshire area.
Also any suggested race bikes for £300-400.


  • Check out http://www.britishtriathlon.org/events/index.php For the searchable BTF list of events.
    I did Lincoln and Leeds sprint tris last year - they were both awesome.
  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    Go to this link,
    http://www.torocsc.com/index.php?option ... 9&Itemid=4
    You won't get much shorter than the usual sprint (400/20/5)
    If your looking for a cheap roadie in the Yorkshire area try these and see if they still have any Giant Defy 4's 2010 models still in stock.
    Hilderthorpe Cycles
    40 St. John Street
    YO16 7JS

    01262 677555
    [email protected]

    Speak to Paul or Lisa, they did me a great deal my one less than £400
    I use it as a winter trainer but I would have been more than happy if it was my 1st bike.

    happy training
  • I've entered a new Yorkshire Triathlon - super sprint distance. They also have a Sprint and Olympic distance.

  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    There was a super sprint in Nottingham last year run by Broxtowe council; not sure it's on this year.

    I've just had a look at that Yorkshire Triathlon website - it seems very expensive at £49.95, plus £4 booking fee (£3 BTF discount). There's no way I would pay £50 for a super sprint up here!!

    I would recommend you look at www.onestepbeyond.org.uk - they run very good events in the East Midlands for about £35 if you're a BTF member. It depends whereabouts in Yorkshire you are as to whether they're accessible for you. They run events at Southwell, Lincoln, Woodhall Spa, Nottingham, Rother Valley, Clumber Park.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i raced the leeds xtramile sprint (held at the leeds grammar school) last year and it was a well organised, novice friendly event. my bro did it as his first ever tri and he had a great time.
  • kirkbykirkby Posts: 17
    I did Bev. last year for my first tri. Lots of people were first timers and looking at your times with the whole summer to train you will have no problems. All the people there were all great and very helpful.
  • ARobinettARobinett Posts: 35
    Just get your entry in! Don't worry about 'working up to it' or starting with a super sprint- a normal sprint will be short enough and still enjoyable. It shouldn't be about finishing well or keeping up with the pack, it should be about the fun of it- the freedom of cycling in the sunshine, running with other people and the atmosphere of a race. Just watch the pros whizz past and soak up the vibe.
    It is after all for most of a us a way of wasting time thats not in front of the TV and we're never going to be very good at it so why do it if it makes you nervous or upset or it's no fun?
  • AvoneerAvoneer Posts: 174

    What Ris said - Xtra Mile Events are all around Yorkshire and are very well organised and great for Novices and good uns.

  • SiHillSiHill Posts: 4
    Hi Martin,
    The Leeds Xpress tri would be ideal for you. The 400m swim is in the fantastic school pool, swimmers are set off with other swimmers of the same level so no overtaking or being held up - you will not be the slowest either. The 20km cycle is picturesque - a couple of hills but manageable and the run is a nice flat off road run. Lots of support and goodies too.
    Hope to see you there, Simon
  • Hi, I run an event in Desford Leicestershire (so depends how far you are willing to travel) that will be novice friendly and is on 7th August so plenty of time to train up for. It is a 400m pool swim, 18km fairly flat bike and multi lap run around the fields so very spectatot friendlt. There is the bonus of a free 12 week training plan free when you enter, this has been written by ex GB Elite Head Coach Ben Bright so is very good and would be extremely helpful to novices.
    Loads of prizes (not just for the speedy ones) and goodies on offer, check it out

    Whatever races you enter good luck and enjoy
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