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What 3 hard to find things would..

...you like to be able to get hold of a lot more easily. After selling some online excel triathlon training logs for a while I was think of revamping my website and maybe add a few extra products. I was thinking along the lines of items that everyones needs (tri specific) but has trouble getting hold of.

Last summer there was a big discussion on finding a decent sunscreen. Also I have had trouble finding Knee savers pedal spacers. Thats the sort of thing I am thinking.

What would your suggestions be . I do not plan to try and compete with the big boys or sell clothing as the need to stock so many colors and sizes , but look at more niche items. Small enough to post!!!

Last question , what is the best sunscreen for tri's

Any suggestions welcome.




  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I know exactly what is not available and I would buy a job lot of... Individual energy bar wraps. Let me explain. A full bar is impossible to open on the move and one never wants a full bar anyway. I do what most do; cut them into quarters, however finding a suitablw wrapping for these is difficult. I've experimented with aluminium foil - does not peel off so it ends up with aluminiun shards in one's mouth with that metallic taste. I've tried the wrapper but its not big enough. I'm currently on greaseproof paper sealed with a strip of insulating tape doubled over so I can catch it in my mouth whilst holding the handlebars with one hand and the energy bar with the other. I've written to powerbar regarding this but to no avail, I am not a business man but I think there is an opening here.
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