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Tiathlon Training Log - in excel

I built a training log a couple of years ago , with a lot of feed back from this forum . The 09 version is available . Thought I would give the topic a bump as I have not been on the forum for a long while.

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The 'Phidippides Triathlon Training Log ‘ is an intuitive, easy to use training diary professionally created by a runner and triathlete in Microsoft Excel for triathletes.

Designed to help the triathlete track and monitor their training and progress in a stylish and easy to use excel triathlon training log.



[*] Auto-populated date covers all days in 2009, 2010 and 2011

[*] Track your daily Running , Swimming and Biking mileage and time

[*] Once you input the time and distance, the software calculates the average pace and average speed for that session.

[*] Option to track up to 5 pairs of trainers for their run mileage, with ‘traffic lights’ to indicate when you should be considering changing them.

[*] Ability to add general comments for the days workouts.

[*] Can also populate weight and resting heart rate , BMI calculated for you.

[*] Statistics automatically provided for mileage and time for current day, week, current month, last month and year to date.

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