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apkapk Posts: 21
Just completed my first 25m time trail as prep for this season - I thought I had blown everyone out of the water with a published time of 1.01 (thought it too good to be true) to be told it was actually 1.09 - which is what my computer said anyway!

So after a lot of bike envy (really fancy a planet X) I can't upgrade from the saracen aubisque I bought last year (to see if I could do this tri stuff - now hooked) but I want to go faster.

So I know I need to :

lose weight

use the aero bars

get faster tyres

Working on the weight loss [sm=rolleyes.gif] , getting better on the aero bars[8|], can't afford new wheels [:(]so I guess the next thing are tyres - but which ones?

The Continental supersonic seem to have some good press, are there any better?
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