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Aero Helmets and Long Distance Races

Time for a quick poll - how much time do you reckon you'll save with an aero helmet as opposed to a normal one over the 180km bike leg of an ironman??


  • I dont know the answer to that one but I used a Giro Advantage on the the New Zealand Ironman this month. I didnt over heat even with the teperature in the mid twenty's and it kept the sun off the back of my neck. The best thing was it made me fell fast.
  • I take it there is no restriction wearing these at Ironman races. I got one off e bay and am desperate to try it. Only problem is I look like a right Charlie with all the gear on and still everyone passing me![:@]
  • There must have been a good quarter of the riders with them at IM NZ.
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    I know the answer.Lets talk aerodynamics.Being a Time-Trialist this is where i come in.I use one myself and they make you look a right idiot however and they can work but only if you have the bike to go with it.youll need a time-trial bike or triathlon bike to really get the advantage becouse theres no point buying a aero helmet only having a convetional road bike.ok it might make you feel that little bit fast but These helmets are designed for wind resistance so you need a wind resistant bike and anyway there mainy for people like myself and not for long distance.If you do have a normal road bike im going to suggest go for a normal one as youll not going save a lot of seconds 10 secs at the most i recon[:D]
  • kevfkevf Posts: 9
    TTXPRO - thanks for the info. I ride a Dolan Pallotola with Navigator wheels - so pretty aero.

    Only real obvious upgrades are disk wheel on the rear (expensive and not ideal in sidewinds) or make myself more aero (hence question about aero helmets).

    I was just wondering if anyone out there had any info on potential time benefits over a long distance course (assuming of course you can maintain the aero position for the distance!).

    TTX PRO - You say they "are mainly for people like yourself and not for long distance". Why? Surely the longer the distance the greater the gain??

    ironman.NZ.07 - thanks for the background info on how popular these are becoming.

  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Not entirly true.Most long distance and pro riders preffer convetional helmets simply becouse there more confetable and you dont have to keep being in an aero position as this can lead to back ache.aero helmets where designed for time-trialist becouse theyre the type of cyclist who can get the maximum benifits from it there ok when it come to time-trial but for events like that,wouldn't enirely recommend it.Now that I know what bike you have im going to say have both types.Aero for shorter distance and conventioanal for longer distance that way you get best of both [;)]
  • Aero helmets offer a larger advantage for long distance athletes in terms of time savings as quite simply we are out there for longer. It is difficult to give a accurate number to the saving you can expect as a lot is based around position and personal make-up. Take a look on www.slowtwitch.com for some stats as they've done stacks of work on this over the years.
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