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New York tri stuff....

Anyone know of any clubs or stores worth popping into whilst in New York?


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,if you are going over the weekend it is worth while finding out if there is a race on in Central Park run br NY running club.Also I hate to cross forums but on www.tritalk.co.uk in the off topic section of the forums there was acouple of pages listing places to go etc you may have to do a search as it was a few months ago.
  • Head to the nike shop, i think its near Bloomingdales. They have a running club that goes from there on various days and if I remember right you can test out trainers and nike+?? (the thing with the ipod).

    And on the plus side the trainers and clothes are fairly cheap compared to here and there are 5 floors of shopping to be done!
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