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Cycle Fit, London....

Has anyone had any experience with Cycle Fit in Covent Garden in London? I am having, and have been having injury issues with, among others, ITB, hip flexors, adductors and psoas for God knows how long. I have been, until recently, unable to run since August, so the majority of my work has been done on the bike. My current bike setup, according to numbers and measurements looks good, and I've made numerous adjustments following rides that have felt uncomfortable.

Anyway, Cycle Fit seem to offer a complete assessment of pedal stroke analysis and biometric reading. Just wondered if anyone can shed any light before I drop £250 quid.

Thanks in advance


  • Good morning,

    This one is actually quite topical. I have had similar problems to you, but I know even less about bikes so couldn't even make adjustments myself. This morning I went to Mosquito Bikes in Islington (just off Essex Road). Had the whole biometrics, flexibility, reach, fit, cleat position etc - absolutely brilliant and only £125. I get all the results sent through within a week and then for only another £25 they will set up my current bike to fit me perfectly.

    Couldn't recommend it enough, very friendly and helpful service at Mosquito as well so advise it to anyone.


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I see Specialized are doing a bike fitting service..about £120 I think..anyone any news/views or experience..thinking of going along to our local Specialized Concept store...
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