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Swimming Cramp

Help ??

I am coming unstuck when swimming ...... If I swimming 100m sets with a break (15 secs or so) in between I can repeat it about 15 times, usually alternating 100 front crawl, followed by 50 breast stroke and 50 front crawl . I am not up to swimming crawl all the time.

But when I try to swim a continuous 1000m again alternating stroke like above I get serious cramp in my calves after about 500 - 600 meters, this forces me to stop [:@] and it is becoming very frustrating.

What am I doing wrong ? is it just a flexibility problem in my lower legs ?? - I have a weak kick (usually don't kick much, just to stop over rotation) I spend most of my time thinking about breathing out !! and not colliding with anyone.



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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I used to swap between strokes quite a while back. I found it really uncomphortable going into breast stroke. I can quite imagine people getting cramp.

    I know this is hard but I would try to and come away from breast, unless like me. When I do use breaststroke it is as a really ultra slow recovery. Where my legs are hardly propelling at all. All in the arms
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    Try reducing your kick off for each new length. If you give a maximum push each time then your calves are much more likely to cramp up after a while - better to push off gently. I also find that I cramp more often if I run or cycle before the swim.
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    rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Thanks for the replies,

    Starting tonight [:)] , I will reduce my push off - I have been pushing off hard at each turn and its time to swim only Freestyle.

    On the +side I completed my first Triathlon yesterday [:D] [:D][:D][:D][:D]...... swim was very poor (I have a head cold).... ended up resorting to breaststroke, was having serious breathing issues [:@]. Bike was good and run was a PB (slow and steady) ..... I finished which was the main aim .......

    Next one .... includes a seas swim (must get some practice)

    Happy Training

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