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Black Helmets?

I need a new helmet. Frankly, I think that black looks coolest but I was wondering whether a black lid might, in fact, act as a bit of a heat trap in the summer sunshine... Any ideas? A black helment would obviously soak up some more of the sun's rays than a similar white/light hat, but would this have any noticeable impact on head temps while riding?

And any special recommendations for helmets would also be nice.



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    peddlerspeddlers Posts: 18
    Looks should come second to the quality of the helmet. All current helmets from major manufacturers have plenty of vents intergrated into the helmet body, over heating shouldn't be a problem, unless you have more hair than tim don then on the hottest day in the summer you could have a big problem. Research has shown that air flow through helmets can be significantly lower if you have more hair than a bald person wearing the same helmet.

    I would recommend some thing like the Giro Monza or Bell Alchera which are priced around the £40 mark. Although dropping to the lower Bell Solar at £20 doesn't loose much style or quality at half the price.

    Just think how many times your helmet will get dropped and battered in transition.



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    rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    I don't think that the color of the helmet will make a huge difference to the amount of heat that is attracted from the sun, because you'll be moving (unless you wear your helmet on the turbo trainer sitting in the sun a lot, or if you're doing lots and lots of long, slow hill-climbing) and the air will be cooling things down more. I prefer black helmets and I can't say I've ever noticed it being a big factor.

    Of course, peddlers is right, helmet quality and safety features are more important than colour.
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    cougiecougie Posts: 2
    Dont see that colour would make much difference - there is a lot of foam between the shell and your head ?
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