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ironman Germany

Hi triathletes,

Could anyone give me some advice on what to expect at ironman germany? this is my first one and training is going well but its getting down to the last 18 weeks and just want that little extra to make sure i come out on the other side! Would appreciate any help . . Whats it like? Is the swim straight forward? Heard the bike is a beast?? Run flat but hot??


  • hello Vale, I too am doing (my 1st) Ironman Germany (why?!). apparently the swim is fairly easy going as it's in a lake. On the offical website, it shows the two laps of the bike route gradient - looks tough to me, but again having spoken to 2 people that have done it, its not the toughest. Run is again relatively flat. This is a good Ironman to do by all accounts and apparently the crowds are excellent (polish up that bike).

    This is not from experience, merely other persons opinions!

    Incidentally, do you know any decent hotels?

  • vale46vale46 Posts: 6

    Yes i'm booked into the Holiday Inn. Apparently its not far from the swim site. Was not cheap though, and i booked it months ago. How's your training going? If i'm lucky i get 12 hrs a week, but mostly 8-10.
  • Hi Guys

    I did Germany in 03 as my first Ironman. It was top notch organisation all the way and quite easy to get through the admin / sign on side of stuff. Pasta party was very posh!

    The course is a fast one, i.e. there aren't easpecially any big hills, but there are a couple of relatively short sharp climbs, just ease up & spin you way up them.

    The biggest thinng for me was the atmosphere on the bike course, it was amazing. Makes you feel really good!

    The swim was really warm after doing open water in the UK & as a fairly weak swimmer I was able to keep out the way & not get bashed.

    The run was hot, temp was up to 28/29C but feed stations every 1.5km! they nearly ran into each other.

    You will enjoy it.
  • vale46vale46 Posts: 6
    Ah thanx for that . . was getting worried about hearing climbs like 'the beast ' and 'heartbreak hill' . . . water warm? Nice, i'm here in Dublin and the water is always freezing! So i guess no wetsuits?[:(]
  • pruneprune Posts: 1
    As its 3 weeks earlier this year, the tempereature should not be so high.

    I also think a lot of it last year was the kudos for being the first european non wetsuit swim.

    Do mind out though if you go out for a dip the day before, the wooden platform in the middle of the lake contains lots of naked old people........

  • vale46vale46 Posts: 6
    Ah just what you need to get your mind into the ironman spirit!
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