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Porridge - the food of the gods.

With some trepidation, I thought I would start a thread on how to make the best porridge.

This is my suggestion for the super deluxe version:

Buy decent porridge oats - Alford oatmeal is best, get large flakes if possible

Soak overnight in skinny milk with a hefty pinch of salt

Ratio is roughly 1 part oats to 3 parts milk but experiment until you can do this without measuring.

Stick in a small saucepan and gradually bring to boil, stirring all the time.

Turn down heat and continue to stir until the porridge is at the required thickness.

Pour into a bowl and add toppings of your choice - honey is as close to orgasmic as is legally allowed!!

Let the pot cool and soak in cold water to help remove the gloop.




  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I have a bowl of porridge before I work out. This is my recipe.

    It is more functional than just for taste (but it actually tastes really good!)

    oats and milk - of course. hehe

    sliced banana

    1 scoop banana flavoured protein powder ( yes this is where functional starts)

    handful of cashew nuts

    spoon of honey

    tea-spoon of glutamine

    tea-spoon of creatine

    This is my porridge before weights! works a treat!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Waitrose organic oats, so good soy milk, raisins, I like a 2 to 1 milk to oats ratio, soak in 1 part milk overnight, add 2nd before cooking. Cook on low whilst stretching after swim/bike or run or perm any 2 of 3, stir occasionally. serve, sit in front of computer & write nonsense on 220 forum whilst eating said porridge before drinking bucket of coffee..just finishing last of Starbucks Christmas blend, rellies coming from US next week will bring supply of Caribou Coffee.mmmmmm. Oh if I need a sugar rush it has to be golden syrup..honey is good, but does not quite have that mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • i have porridge every day

    50g oats then top up bowl with soy milk bung it in the micro for 3 mins (stir it after 2 ) then tonnes of honey and mixed berries and seeds

    mmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I always coat the inside of the microwavw when I try that, so I gave up & spend an equal amount of time cleaning saucepans....reducing my shaving time..
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    1 part oats, 2,5 parts of milk. 3 minutes in microwave at 750 watts, but keep an eye on it or you might be scraping it off afterwards.

    I then add lots of honey and raisins.

    When I have little time I add frozen raspberries, cause it cools the stuff for quicker eating.

    Keep posting here, so we can get new ideas to try out.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I find if you put the oats in after the milk, and dont stir too much then it doesnt bubble up in the microwave!
  • legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    For me it has to be 1 part jumbo oats and 2 parts milk

    and a bit of Maple Syrup

    I have been trying to get to like porridge for years as I hate it - this one works for me

    otherwise I put the oats into oaty pancakes:-

    1.5oz oats

    1.5oz flour

    1 egg

    150ml milk

    a handful of dried fruit - I like raisins

    1 bit of melted butter/marg/oil to cook them in

    mix it into a batter and make into small thick pancakes - I griddle them so they are not too fatty

    serve with yoghurt, and bananas - oh joy!
  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    I could eat porridge all day. This is one of my favourite foods! Can't get enough. I haven't really got any special new recipes, but I always try to get locally produced organic jumbo oats and cook with milk. Sometimes I add a few sultanas a few minutes at the end of cooking or some sliced bananas at the end. Honey or a little sugar is a must to finish it off. Man I'm drooling as I write this. Gonna try out some of the above ideas as well.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Do you realise the pain I put the lovely Lady britspin thru, trying to find proper porridge oats in Italy (Lake Garda) 2 years ago? Its an obsession, but we finallly found some..well something close enough.
  • Definitely 3 parts milk, one part quakers oats. In a saucepan, bring to the boil, constantly stir, serve when at the perfect consistency. Demerera sugar (lots) and a bit of milk on the top just to cool the first boiling bites.

    Makes me quite emotional just thinking about it.

    First a shaving thread, now a cooking one. What next?

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    You mention consstency..for my tastes 3 parts milk would be too 'wet' as it were, altho I don't like it too thick & gloopy. We had jumbo jumbo oats once..waaaay too chewy for me. I think I will give 3 milk a go tho....for the ultimate podge, Gary Rhodes has a recipe with milk, cream & all sorts in so rich, but incredible..especially after a cold run or swim. i can find the recipe & post if anyone wants some unadulterated adult high calorie density recovery food.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    a mate of mine once tried to live on just porridge and water for 1 week.

    He lasted 4 days before he started to feel a bit funny. But the fact that he lasted so long shows how awesome porridge is!
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    A twist on Samutri's version, instead of soaking overnight, try in a slow cooker on low overnight.

    My fav is just a sprinkle of brown sugar, then it's let battle comence, my 3 year old lad can't get it down quick enough so I have to make a big pot.

    Going to give the porrige pancakes a go in a minute.

    move over goldylocks.

  • Not sure it's true, but I heard that about 10yrs ago a student suffered the first case of scurvy in the UK for several decades. The reason? In order to save money he bought an industrial sized bag of oats and ate nothing but porridge for 4 months.....

    So that's something you can tell your 3 year old next time he refuses to eat his greens and insists on seconds of porridge!

  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    My god we students are cheap! I would say that is taking it to the extreme, but the other day I went round to a friends house and all she had to offer me was porridge (without milk) and pasta (without sauce). So i stuck to the cup of tea made with the teabag she stole from the hospital canteen!

    I fancy a bowl of porridge now were talking about it!
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    Thanks for that Tiring Tri ing, now the boy thinks scurvy is the lastest power ranger and want that. Only joking.

    Made those pancake things last night, must have got something wrong, or i ate the plate they were on. Sorry to say they have not made it to my favourate food list.

    What's the wierdest thing someone has put in porridge? keep it clean the wife reads this too.

  • craftycrafty Posts: 9
    RunnersWorld had a great recpie for blueberry, walnut and oat pancakes a little while ago. A lot more effort than my usual porridge with honey or frozen berries but makes a nice change at the weekends:

    Walnut and blueberry bran pancakes

    350ml whole milk

    80g instant oats

    95g sifted all-purpose flour (or a blend of white and whole-wheat flours)

    25g oat flour or oat bran

    110g blueberries

    60g chopped walnuts

    1 tbsp baking powder

    2 tbsp honey

    1 tsp salt

    2 eggs, beaten

    Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt. Then pour milk over the oats and lightly stir in the eggs. Add the mixture of dry ingredients, and the honey, to the oats mixture, stirring until combined. When the batter is thoroughly mixed, stir in the blueberries and walnuts. Ladle batches of the batter onto a preheated greased or non-stick frying pan and cook until tops are bubbly and edges look cooked. Turn over and finish cooking the other side. Makes eight pancakes. Per serving (serves four)

    Calories: 400

    Fat: 16g

    Carbs: 52g

    Protein: 15g
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    I have a confession - I have weakened and tried porridge prepared in the microwave (oh, how my granny would be spinning in her grave!). I have always been an old fashioned guy who deemed microwaves to be the sole domain of students, hairdressers and time-triallists !! [;)][;)]

    ..but, that said, I tried it out and it was splendid!

    used the same mix as previous - roughly 3 to 1 milk to oats and whacked it in for 3 minutes.


    I have been converted, although I'm not going to start wearing frocks!!

    Thanks chaps!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    But where do you stand on shaving?
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Shaving is def. for ladies and time triallists, real men wax.

    (standing by for abuse to begin.....)

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Are we talking about shaving or waxing the porridge now??? [image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m8.gif[/image]
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    oh dear, another perfectly innocent thread highjacked by the shave brigade.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Puts some extra value to the thread though [:D][:D].

    No really, this is so predictable, hence funny. Looks like an episode of 'allo allo'.
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    If you smear cold porridge on your naked flesh, allow it to harden (the porridge, that is!) and rip it off, it works as a very effective hair remover.

    Yes, its a cold and lonely existence up here!!
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Sam that's disgusting. Your porridge would be full of bits of hair - although I wonder what the fat content would be.....

    Anyway, you're all wrong. Porridge is the devil's food, and should be banned from all civilised countries.

    No, the true Herakleophorbia IV** is 50:50 mix of Bran and Muesli with semi-skinned. Lots of fibre, protein from the nuts, complex carbs aplenty plus some simple carbs from the raisins, and if eaten regularly it bungs you up enough to avoid cock-a-doodle-poo syndrome on your early morning ride. Bet porridge can't do that!

    OK. Sorry about the last bit.

    (**Bonus points awarded to anybody who can understand this reference without looking at Google)
  • Cock-a-doodle-poo, i know i'm new to this but THAT is funny, not heard that one before and am now going to try and fit it into as many conversations as possible!!! Even Mrs PiP cracked a smile and she's been sulking all day because i went down to pick up my bike from its service and some bugger had replaced it with a brand new upgraded version!!! I'm actually not quite sure how it happened either!!! Great triathlon innit!!!
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    You're welcome, PiP. Funny how 'service my bike, please' can be mis-interpreted as 'replace everything with Dura-Ace, please'. Please start a thread similar to the 'what training have you done' thread, called 'What new kit have you bought' - it'll be a laugh.

    Anyway, we've gone off-topic. I'll fix that...

    ....Porridge. Yeeeuch. Best left on the other side of Hadrian's Wall. (Please see my earlier comments about banning it in civilised countries) [;)]
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I think if porridge and weetabix didnt exist I wouldnt be alive.

    plus on a slightly food related issue, ive started taking these new Lucozade recovery powder mixes with protein (about 12g per pack) in etc. I saw them in asda a month or ago for about 70p each, an thought that wasnt too bad, each one mixes up to about 4-500ml.

    Anyway I tried them out as post workout stuff, and, it may be a placebo affect, but they have been ace, ive put on quite a bit muscle in such a short period, and I'm a notorious 'hard-gainer' and also I have felt fresher for my evening training session, after taking them following the morning session!

    Just thought you would like to know!
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    I was a Weetabix a holic for breakfast before this thread.... I bought some oats yesterday and made a bowl of porridge last night and added abit of honey.... TOTAL CONVERT... porridge all the way now. mmm porridge, honey, sliced apple....
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Oh Bopomofo - I atually pity you, no love of porridge AND not being scottish - com'ere and get a hug big guy!

    Oats in England sustain horses but in Scotland sustain a nation.

    Get your oats fella, they'll help u grow up big and strong!!

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