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wetsuits again!!!! Best Hire.

hey after the good advice from the jolly good guys here i am now looking to hire a wetsuit.


Where who and what is the best deal going im sure everone has their own opinion but being a newbie i dont have any at all, do i need to go a get fitted in person or can i order over the net .

who said this was gonna be easy eh the swim bike run is a lot easier than the buying choices going there a 1001 different things you could buy

cheers mat


  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    starcher, I am also new to this and have just hired a wetsuit from tri uk in Yeovil. Don't know where you are coming from but it's a short hop from the railway station if you don't fancy the drive.

    £75 deposit and £25 hire for the season. the do run a mail order service and have a good web site to help with sizing. Hire suits are the Foor Quantum.

    Hope it helps.

    keep splashing.

  • AdyShawAdyShaw Posts: 19
    I would also say TriUK. I knew what size i was, so i ordered it online and recieved it the next day. If you don't know what size then it might be best to go to there store in Yeovil, they have an endless pool in-store where you can try the suits on.

  • AgnessAgness Posts: 27
    i bought a second hand tri suit from tri uk which would be brill. but when i managed to get it on but found it far too tight, felt i would drown if tried to swim in it! Then i noticed my hands were turning blue. Im going to send it back and im taking a day out of my hefty training schedule to travel round england & poss scotland in search of a wet suit. I havent a clue where to start! im based in keswick (northern england) suggestions please

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