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waterproof mp3 players

Has anyone tried out a water proof mp3 player? The two i know exist are the dolphin mp3 and swimp3 v2. find swimming in a pool can get very boring, swam a mile yesterday had to give up coz i was bored. i think i may send off for the swimp3 if no one has advice otherwise.



  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Agness,I use a swiMP3 and am very pleased with it,the only disadvantage is its reduced memory,but it gives me a good couple of hours before the music repeats itself.I prefer it as it does not depend on ear plugs so water does not get clogged and produce infection,equalisation problems etc.Good value and very robust.
  • dee999dee999 Posts: 41
    hi agness!

    i got a dolphin waterproof mp3 player for my xmas, as like you, i get so bored in the pool, (even tho there is a radio playing in the background, you cant hear it when you are under water!!), i think it cost £70,and i am happy enuf with it-the sound quality isnt nearly as good as your ipod or decent mp3, but good enuf for what i want to do with it!

    the only problem i had with it, was it kept pulling my goggles off my face when i pushed off the wall and did my glide! (i think this is prob due to the weight pulling on your goggles, as it is fixed to them!), my solution was to attach it to a sturdy pair of aquaspere goggles,( not light weight things!), and has been fine since! (there is another guy who swims in the pool with me, and he had this problem too!), and i sometimes get sore ears,as the ear plugs go in your ears,and if you get air in your ears.....ouch!!!

    i would recommend it tho-it makes swimming that bit more enjoyable!![:)]
  • jeanmongjeanmong Posts: 23

    I have using the H2oAudio headsets with apple ipod shuffle, great quality of sound and you dont feel it

    check this link


    Happy laps

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