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2XU C2 wetsuit size advice

I'm a triathlon beginner and recently bought a 2XU C2 wetsuit. I tried it on in the shop and it seemed to fit ok. It was size XL. It was only when I got home that I looked at the label and saw that size XL is to suit an individual 180-200 cm. high and 92-110 kg. I'm 180 cm. but I only weigh 80 kg. and according to the size guide, I should be size Medium Tall (178-193 cm. and 74-83 kg.). Should I return the wetsuit (Haven't used it yet) and order is a size MT. How will I notice if the XL really is to large? Does size really matter if it feels ok? I realise that these are all obvious questions but I'm and absolute beginner....


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Wetsuits are notorious for their 'sizing' charts. According to Orca I am not 67 Kgs and 5' 7" but 85 Kgs and 6' 6". If you trawl most people reckon that going one size up is a good starter. If you've tried it on and it fits your most of the way there.

    Will leave it more experienced types to give more info about the degree of fit that is best.

    Good luck
  • Hi all, new to this forum and looking to hire/buy wetsuit for first triathlon in September.

    Was down at Liquid Leisure on weekend trying out 2XU T0 which felt really good and available for hire through puretri.co.uk

    contemplating tough whether slightly older C2 is a better suit?

    If going to buy, definitely spending under £200 - only other suit I had contemplated was Orca Sonar, although apparently 2XU is a faster suit

    Any help and advice much appreciated - thanks
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