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Another one of those "if you don't ask" questions: Tips needed for wet conditions

... erm... apart form the swim I guess.

A day to go until my first tri, and the weather forecast is predicting monsoon like conditions. Now I'm used to running in the wet (the hailstorm at mile 21 of the marathon springs to mind), but I was wondering what pearls of wisdom you guys and gals had for during transition and cycling that you could pass on to this newbie.


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I would use a nice sturdy box with a tight fitting lid (but easily removable in a rush) in transition to keep your kit dry..at least to start with, T1..well you are wet anyway, but dry shoes to start with are nice..socks too if you wear them, also helmet etc, T2..same goes for change to run shoes starting dry is nice. As for racing remember that painted lines on the road will be slick, so will inspection covers etc avoid if you safely can, keep a good speed up to stay warm!..I am sure you were not intending to dawdle round, descents & corners will be trickier too. Running well you are used to that..good luck.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    First of all: Try not to get too wet during the swim ....

    Ok, once you've got that , here come the serious ones.

    A sturdy box with lid or big piece/bag of plastic over it in transition. Ride safely, trying to gain a second in a corner , descent etc can cost you the race (and bike and body). Realise that your bike shoes will be really slippery on wet surfacesduring T1 and T2. Take it easy. Rainy races make me hold back a little. I believe that's a lot better then landing in a hospital or bike shop. Besides, slolwing down alittle on the previous things could provide you a great run![8|]

    Dry clothes for afterwards, towels and a hot drink or food will finish it off nicely.

    ENJOY your race!!!!![image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m6.gif[/image]
  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    Thanks chaps. Will let you know how I get on.
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