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Pain during/after exercise

Have recently (last 2 runs) found that my lower leg becomes painful during/after running, particularly when running uphill. Notice pain when climbing stairs up to three days after runs. Pain is at bottom of calf muscle/top of achilles but is only present on one leg. Am going to try different running shoes for next run to see if this alleviates at all.

Anybody else had similar, know any fixes?


  • martyn837martyn837 Posts: 32
    Have you had your running shoes properly fitted? When I first started to run I got a cheap pair or NB from a large sports change and had a lot of problems with pain in my legs... So decided to get some properly fitted, found that the shoe I got was totally wrong for my style of running..

    Since then l aways get them properly fitted and have had no problems since.


  • Had gait analysis - I overpronate a fair bit, have been running happily in the shoes for several months, have just changed to elastic laces as well - will experiment with different shoes/going back to normal laces etc.
  • martyn837martyn837 Posts: 32
    I was told (can not comment if this is true!) only to use elastic laces for racing as they do not give a tight enough fit to the shoe while training... Could you not take them back to the shop you got them from and ask them to re-check the fitting for you. What sort of distance are you running?



  • 5km to 10km per run
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    do you warm up and cool down properly? and stretch. a lot. if i dont stretch twice a day i get really painfull achilles tendons[&:]
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    have you read the thread on compartment syndrome? might be worth a trip to a sports physio.
  • holdfastholdfast Posts: 15
    could be a back problem with refferred pain, does it hurt in the morning. Sorry not a expert but sound like what i had
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