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London Olympic Tri results 2007


Bit of a strange request this one, does anyone have the results for the London Olympic, specifically the 'Men’s Open Olympic 30 - 34'. I believe they set off at 7am.

I have searched all the obvious places, and google, I have found pretty much every wave apart from that one which is really strange?

I ask as a friend of mine competed and I think I may be of similar standard to what he was last year, thus I want to check his splits, but he doesn't have them and I can't find them anywhere?

Thanks in advance...


  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    all the results are still online here:


    but you'll need to know what group to look in.....it's not a very well organised results page....[&:]
  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Yes I found that and the results for Men’s Open Olympic 30 - 34 are not present?

    Well never-mind here's what I really wanting to know. I have only ever done Sprints and I'm trying to work out what I should be aiming for at London this year. My Sprint's range from 01:23 / 01:26, so to work out my Olympic I just took the average, 01:24 and doubled it, equalling 02:48. But this seems quite slow when compared to other London times. For example I took all the times that where in the 02:45 range of which there are four. Took the average from each split which equal the following; S 00:31:37 T1 00:04:24 B 01:11:50 T2 00:01:42 R 00:56:03 Total Time 02:45:35.

    Now the bike section of those averages seems fast when compared to the swim and run average which are very similar to my times? So can I assume it's a very fast bike course I know it's flat and traffic free, which I have never raced on before, but will it really make that much of a difference?

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Grant, the OD 30-34 results are all bunged together in their starting waves, with all the other age groups from 17 upwards.

    So... the file you are looking for is probably one of the 'ResultsODMale1739Heatx.xls' files, where x is your heat number.

    Is the London bike route fast? Oh yes. It is flat, to all intents and purposes, and you are on closed roads. The only thing that might slow you down are the other competitors, as sometimes there are lots of bikes in a single lane. I think it is sometimes hard to avoid drafting - you seem to be riding in a mini peleton on occasions - and maybe this brings the speeds up too.

    There are one or two minor 'hills' - we're talking flyovers over other roads - nothing you'd really notice. Depending on which course you do you will do the Limehouse Link tunnel once or twice too. Obviously you have a short climb out of the tunnel each time, but you also have a nice slope down into it, and cool still air once you are inside. Everybody was going damned fast through there... with the darkness and the lights it's like that bit from the end of Star Wars.... Weeeeee! Use the Force!

    Forget about your small chain-ring, and get the 11-23 cassette fitted.

    I was fat and slow last year (bit like this year then) and even I managed a 1:10 on the bike, including missing the turn into transition and having to do a u-turn 200m down the road. Mind you, last year it was only 38km, so I guess that makes up for it.
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