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Evans sale and Scott or Trek

Yet another bike ales related post!!

I just had a look at the Evans store preview of their sale prices and the two bikes that jumped at me we the Scott Plasma Pro (1999.99) and the Trek Equinox 9.5 TTX (£2099.99), both look fab, esp the Scott but I am a touch concerned about having to cut the seat post.

Does anyone have any experience of Evans stores??

Does anyone have experience of cutting a Scott seatpost - is it an LBS job??




  • Hi Combat Dwarf

    I have purchased a Scott CR1 plasma pro this week myself. Haven't cut the seatpost yet but on the Scott Website there are reviews for this bike and it mentions the seatpost and the fact you have 6 cm or more to play with. Here is the link, click on the bottom right Road Magazine rides the Plasma Pro review for the mention of the seatpost:


    Also I think it was in March or May this year in 220 Triathlon they reviewed this bike and gave it a 9 overall and also included in that issue was a guide to setting up a tri bike.

    Hope this helps.
  • What about a Felt B2 at TFN, use the discount card that came with 220 and you'll pick it up for £2250.....
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