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an obvious silly Question i think. 1 number or 2

hey all I am doing South coast tri on 30/08 whilst reading race info it says Numbers (plural) have to pinned on to number belt in top corners do i take this to mean even though i have a number belt which i can turn round in T2 they still want 1 front number and 1 back number or is this me being dumb.


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I have never put numbers on front & back, due to having a race belt..but it might be worth checking with organisers just in case they want to get picky.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Did my 7th tri race yesterday, but never gotten 2 race numbers, always one.

    Better to wear one on a race belt that you can turn around, otherwise it just gets in the way on bike and run when wearing two.
  • starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    thanx guys seems obvious i will check when registering though just to be sure ...

    best get back out in the gardening practising T1 and 2 my boys are enjoying soaking me with cold hose trying to put me off is great fun.
  • stevsterstevster Posts: 73
    I have done 2 spint tris this year and both required numbers front and back, as the race belt only has fixings for 1 number I did the belt up and used safety pins for the 2nd number either side of the clip.

    Lay the belt out in transition so you can just step into the middle and pull the belt up.

  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    I've done both the Stratford and Warwickshire tri's over the last year which I think are organised by the same people. At both events I got 2 numbers so one went on the race belt with the little popper things, and the other with safety pins. Didn't notice either getting in my way during the bike or the run.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Having a belt with a number pinned on it, rubbing and flappering around over my belly and saddle and so on, is very aggravating(yes,I got this one from a dictionary) when tucked in the aero position. It would really annoy me![:'(]
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    You need to check that dictionary again, benny... you used the word 'belly' when I think you meant 'finely tuned six-pack'. [8D]

    FWIW.... race belt, one number, spin it around as everybody says. Can't remember if I've ever been sent two numbers for a race. Having a race number flapping in your crotch while cycling would be annoying and pointless. I mean, the marshalls would really have to be trying to even see the number.

    The marshalls usually just remind everybody to rotate their belts on the way out of T2.

    starcher: never thought of doing T1 practice while the kids attack me with the garden hose. Great idea, sounds like a laugh too... thanks! [:D]
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    I've received lots of race info. this year asking for race no. front and back but they have always accepted it if you put both back to back on the race belt so that if it flaps up you can still see the number. As others have said, on back for bike, front for run.

    Starcher, the hose idea does sound good, just make sure they don't bring out a high powered pressure washer, they might end up winning!
  • pin them back to back on the number belt, but put the one that will be next to your body upside down so that if it flips over the number is still the right way up..... if that makes sense.

    I usually, pin all four corners together and pin to the stringy bit of the belt, so that even if the string comes loose the number won't fall off. Make sure you have allowed for the stretch in the belt! I know it sounds obvious but.... it's frustrating when you put it on in transition to find the number torn!!

    spin from back to front during T2.

  • starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    thanks all

    gonna have to wait and see what they say when registering,

    regards the hose trick its a great way to practise transition when things are wet and when your wife tells you you have to spend some time not out swimming riding or running.


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