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Are you having problems finding sports clothes for this wonderful summer of ours?

Performance wear seems to me to be the best bet as the fabric will ensure you feel comfortable whatever the weather! Anyone have any other tips for jogging come rain or shine?


  • I tend to run in either a long or short sleeve compression top, either 2XU or skins, prefer the 2XU i think. And I wear a lightweight very think gilet over the top, bright red with reflective strips on so I don't get run over.

    I find the combination keeps me warm enough, dry enough and if it gets a bit sunny the tops are thin enough that I don't get too warm.

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I find the biggest problem is the temptation to overdress & then get too hot, this time of year..either 3/4 legs or full if its cold, & same for sleeves, all technical fabrics, all good, in the depths of winter I amy add another layer & always gloves & hat..altho I usually have to lose the hat at some point when I get too hot.
  • Along the same lines but different product, I am after a good winter, waterproof, breathable cycling jacket, I would also like to use the same jacket for running. Ideally I want pockets on the back and front. Not much I know! I've seen Gore jackets but they are way too expensive and there are few on ebay.

    Any suggestions would be great...
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I have never found a good waterproof AND breathable jacket..I always end up sweating to death inside any breathable fabric once I start to work. I give up & layer up..if its raining I get wet from the outside in, not the inside out.
  • Sometimes I just get wet. I dont really mind it, I do a lot of cross country, bit of fell running etc. where I feel like i haven't really done much unless I have come back soaking and covered in mud! it all adds to the fun!
  • I generally wear the same thing regardless but add a hat and gloves if it's really cold.

    I find it's the wind that causes most problems - I'm usually soaked on the run anyway - either outside in cos it's peeing down or inside out cos it's so blinking hilly here that sweating is unavoidable after about two minutes - so it makes little difference really
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