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Road v MTB

Newbie here

I completed my first Tri (Derby) a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely loved it despite entering late and only doing a couple of weeks training from scratch. Needless to say I was quite slow, but aim to build up over the winter for the start of next season.

My question is, should I notice much difference in my bike time if I use a road bike opposed to my 15 year old mountain bike I used for the tri?


  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Hello Rhino,

    Welcome to the forum. The answer is pretty much yes! However, the amt of time saved will depend on the gradient involved in the race and possible conditions e.g. a hilly course will be alot quicker on a light road bike, on a windy day the more aero position you will naturally have on the road bike will give you good time savings.

    You can minimise the difference by putting fast rolling tyres on - slicks, with no nobbles. Also, just cos a road bike is quicker, doesn't mean you should rush out and buy one, you can always compare you're own times on the mtb - triathlon is just a race against yourself (for most of us who are never gonna win anything!!).

    Also, if it's off road you'll be laughing!!! [:)]
  • Congrats, well done and welcome!

    In short, yes. Think in the order of 10-20% faster straight away on a well fitted road bike, depending on how good it is and how rubbish your MTB is.

    Even an economy race bike will leave an MTB on knobblies far far behind. Have a look around the forums for advice on beginner (and not-so-beginner) bikes.

  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    I took up cycling and tri at the same time in February and started training on a Scott MTB.

    I had a 12m circuit i used to do and it took me about 1.15. I bought a road bike and first time out on it the same route in 55 mins.

    Not surpisingly i'd recommend the road bike!

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
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