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Im sure to many this is a ridiculous question but, what is the difference between Clincher and Tubular wheels?



  • Clinchers are the normal tyres that most people use these days. They have the separate inner tube and the tyre itself 'clinches' into the rim of the wheel. This means that the rim itself has to be slightly bigger and heavier, and the tyre can only go up to a certain pressure because otherwise it will burst off the rim.

    Tubulars, or 'Tubs' are just a one piece tube (ie. no inner tube). They glue or stick on to the outside of a rim and because they are on the outside, you can pump them up much higher. They tend to be a bit lighter. However, if you get a puncture you have to replace the whole tyre rather than just shoving a new tube in, and that is a time consuming pain in the butt. They can be repaired, but it is relatively costly.

    In the past, serious cyclists and pros preferred Tubs because they could be pumped up higher, have a slightly rounder profile (so affecting their 'feel') and where slightly lighter. However, clinchers have improved in their weight and feel these days, and many pros ride them. Regarding tyre pressure, our roads in the UK are not smooth enough to warrant higher pressures that can be achieved with clinchers: higher pressure can actually reduce performance. So the Tubs really have little to recommend them anymore.

    If you're not sure of the difference, definitely stick with good quality clinchers!
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    Thanks for that, explained it all. Excellent. Clinchers it is for me then....
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    A good "compromise" are Veloflex tyres which are clinchers but look like and feel like tubulars. I have used them on my road bike and have had no problems with them
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