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Aqua sphere goggles

You can probably tell i'm having a bit of a tidy out....

if anyone is interested i have 2 different pairs of aquasphere goggles which i'm happy to give away, all i ask for is the cost of the postage, which would also vary on how you want the goggles sent (ie signed for next day or second class or whatever-up to you)

i'm only getting rid of them cos i never use them and it seems such a waste for them to sit and rot in a drawer. they dont have any boxes or packaging etc but are in very good condition. i've only worn each pair once, which was enough for me to find out i didnt get on witht hem! i've now reverted back to the traditional style "swimming pool" goggles. they are the style and colours below:

http://www.aquasphereuk.co.uk/products/seal_tinted.php (the black ones, black tinted lenses and black frame)

http://www.aquasphereuk.co.uk/products/sealxp_clear.php (grey frame, clear lense)

PM me if you are interested




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