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shoulder problems

stepping up training now for the new season about november last year hurt shoulder while swimming with the tri club coach and still swimming twice a week but not high intensity shoulder hasnt settlled down at all and i have no power at all when pulling down with left arm which is very painful. I do have an appointment for an orthapedic assesment at the end of the month but has anyone experienced similar problems(it seems joint rather than muscular) as i dont want to loose swimming fitness at present im spinning, cycling and running on a treadmill to get down to fighting weight but when swimming im just at normal pace which is causing concern anyone any suggestions or recomendations on remedies or training tips to training with an injury cheers for any help.



  • Hey TrevTri - very likely that you are suffering from "swimmer's shoulder". Suffered from the same last year (still recovering). This is essentially inflamation of the shoulder tendons (supernatalis). Will not claim to be a medical expert, but these do tend to be injuries that take a long time to heal and really require you to give the tendons a chance to heal thru rest, and slow strenghening thru exercise (the elastic gym bands are ideal). My physio treated me with acupuncture as well, which worked well. All in all, I was out of action for some 6 weeks.


    Lots of posting re. this subject on this site in late '08. Check it out.

    Good luck

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I'm in the same place too... just completing my recovery now. I was getting a lot of pain in my left shoulder during the catch. My physio said it is common for swimmers to overdevelop the front muscles on the shoulder, while not developing the rear muscles. This can cause the joint to pull forwards during the catch and results in an impingement with associated pain and tendonitis.

    I have been through all those lovely green and blue rubber band exercises, eventually progressing to using a cable lift in the gym. I have also found that rowing is practically a miracle cure.

    TrevTri, you should stop swimming immediately and take a couple of weeks off. Get on the rowing machine, also start doing some gentle rotation exercises: the motion you need to create is to stand with your arms at your sides, forearms parallel to the ground. Now rotate the forearms outwards, very gently. Find some way of adding some slight resistance to this exercise.

    Better still.... ignore me and get to a sports doctor or a physio.

    By the way, I was in pain for a couple of years before it eventually stopped me completely. Recovery took about 3 months. Don't leave it as long as I did.
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