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Tri-suit and Sun glasses recommendations please...

This is touching on something I'm wanting to find out as well.

Cheers for raising the post!!


  • Hi everyone

    Just looking into purchasing a tri-suit and a pair of sunglasses for the bike. I was hoping that i could get your views and recommendations on both items, so i dont have to buy twice!

    Would be great to hear from you....
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I have a 2XU endurance tri-suit and love it! bright red so I go super fast! It fits so well, I tried on a orca, saucony and ironman one on as well but they didnt even come close to the comfort and feel of the 2XU.

    In regards to glasses I think this is an area where you could spend either £30 or £130, personally I would recommend rudy project glasses, they are simply the best ones you can buy. Excellent photochromatic lenses, and mine have some red ones you can put in if there is low light and it brightens everything up!
  • Rudy Projects. [8D]

    Get what you pay for, lenses are amazing and interchangeable in most cases.
  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    Again - Rudy Projects. I have a grey photochromatic lens and a yellow lens. Love them!
  • If you want a cheaper option for sunglasses try Wiggle. The Dhb triple lense glasses are pretty good. I bought these over a year ago and they are still doing well. Admittedly, they're probably not as good as the Rudy Project glasses but Cycling Plus gave them 9/10. See link below........


    With regard to the Trisuit I agree with the others. I bought 2XU and it was much better fitting and more comfortable than any of the others.
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    another vote for the dhb glasses from wiggle, had mine 2 years and no problems! no scratches and i'm not exactly careful with them, they dont even live in the case. i figured for £30 i could afford to buy new ones if they got damaged or lost, but still going strong!

    as for trisuit, i wear a 2 piece. dont know why, just never liked the idea of a one piece suit. i wear the orca 226 shorts and the cheapo orca top. the shorts are amazingly comfortable
  • I'd also recommend 2XU tri suits. I have the Elite one and am v.happy with it - really comfortable, doesn't constrict or rub, weighs virtually nothing and, in the right sense, feels as if you're not wearing anything (i.e. in the same way that a wetsuit would be good if you could forget you were wearing one during a swim). The Elite costs about £76 (£90 in some places, but shop around and you can get it cheaper).

    Not v.knowledgeable on glasses, so I'll let others reply on that one.

  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    I'm a Craft man personally, bought the entry-level suit on the recommendation of Tri-1st in Birmingham and l get on really well with it. It has the obligatory red in it, and as you will see from the piccy on the left I am moving at some speed through that drinks station [:D]

    As for sunglasses, got a good price on some Spiuk and they're pretty good, got 3 sets of lenses and feel quite robust.
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