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first duathlon

hi i've decided that since the tri season hasn't started yet so thought i'd do a duathlon next weekend.

never done one before any advice think its a 3.8/18/3.8

i haven't really done any biking and have been doing mostly long runs.

is water suffient or should i refuel?

What to wear i don't currently own a trisuit...

any other tips?


  • graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Hi Tribunny - my you've got cute ears!

    I did mine last year - in cycle shorts and a wik-away tshirt. it's fine to run in padded shorts. Well it was for me. - in fact my little profile picture is me doing a Duathlon!!

    Don't kill yourself on the first run or the bike or it will be very hard on the last run.

    Biggest tip - have fun, I was chatting to people on mine (probably didn't help them out!)

    Good luck
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    Hi there

    Presuming those distances are kilometres, then weak squash with a bit of salt o nthe bike should be fine.

    Obviously keep hydrated the day before, get a good night's rest after a balanced meal and do all the other things you might do before a race and you will feel more confident and relaxed too!

    For clothes, I would go for either a tri suit or tri shorts plus a vest / t shirt / long sleeve as conditions dictate.

    Depending on the surface underfoot and conditions in transition you can consider what to wear on your feet - I have seen people use two pairs of trainers so they can chuck the first pair in their box in T1 and not worry about them being in exactly the right place at T2!
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