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Clip in pedals question

JulesJules Posts: 987
Just looking at pedals on Wiggle.

Why are most MTB pedals dual sided and most road pedals single sided? What is the advantage of single sided? Dual sided would seem to me to mean that it would be easier to clip in without having to worry which way round your pedals were? However I've never used any so I'm just guessing.

The reason for asking is I'm looking to get some pedals at the cheaper end of the market (yes, I know, sorry) and some of the MTB pedals seem cheaper than the road ones - while using the same cleats so presumably compatible with the same bike shoes (need to buy them too!).

Can I buy MTB pedals for my road bike or would I be making a glaring error (that isn't immediately obvious to me!)?


  • BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    Hi there

    My husband has just bought some Cranks Brothers Quattros for his road bike:


    and loves them. He coupled them with the DHB shoes currently in the Wiggle sale and is very happy all round; and both are fantastic bargains for what you actually get.


  • jacjac Posts: 452

    I've not tried the MTB pedals..I decided to jump straight in and go for road pedals.

    I opted for the Look Keo Sprints. They're very easy to clip in and out of and extremely light. They're not cheap but read some good reviews and felt they were worth paying for.

    Can also recommend Specialized BG sport road shoes..was getting some metatarsal pain before but seems to have completely cleared since I got the Specialized. They're entry level and not tri specific, but provided I loosen two of the three straps they're pretty easy to get in and out of quickly.

  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    road pedals are single sided becase of the way they hold the cleat. They give a larger platform between pedal and shoe and can't be double sided for this reason.

    different pedals require different cleats - the cleats for double sided (spd's) will not fit road pedals.

    I use spd's for MTB and Look for road.

    I have different shoes for mtb (easier to walk in, good grip - a bit like a footie boot without the studs, or a trainer) and road (very stiff and smooth soles, no grip to walk).

    You can use any pedals on any bike. Before upgrading my road bike to Look pedals I used spd's and mtb shoes.

    What bike are you using? If it's a pure road racing machine, then go for road shoes and road pedals.

    If it's a hybrid or you use it for commuting then you might be better off with spd's and a more flexible mtb shoe.

    if you have an mtb and a road bike but want the same pedals and shoe for both, I'd go for the spd option.
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