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F3 Events fiasco

BmanBman Posts: 442
Anyone else getting really miffed with the way F3 has handled results??

Last months duathlon results= first run and bike times combined for most people but some, including me, only get a finishing time. Fat lot of good that is for me..

This months results= 5 days for results to appear. Second run and bike times combined. Times and positions wrong for numerous people. Results yanked from the website.

It doesnt give me much confidence in them when you hear them call your number and position when they are timekeeping, but it still comes out wrong.

And I thought we were entering these races to compare performances with previous races, which seems to be impossible. Please F3, use timing chips or face the wrath of Mrs B being forced to stand there with a stopwatch.


  • Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    see now i would class that as a bloody clever man, its the idiots that let it happen i would put in the fiasco bin.

    As for the results, i agree not a good thing to have happen.

    Do you try and time the events yourself as well.

  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Well, I was ignored after enquiring about missing times after the first race and who knows what they are doing this time. We shall see. 2 mess ups in 2 races isnt a good record in my eyes. They reckon its people with numbers incorrectly placed. I was plastered in numbers last time seeing as I forgot my race belt, so doubt that story.

    Jelly I do time myself but even so its never as accurate as proper timing. After all, isnt that what we are paying entry fees for? That and the marshall sitting in his car at the far end of the course. Oh well, enough grumbling from me.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
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