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Recommendations for GPS for cycling


Can anyone recommend a decent GPS/Sat Nav for cycling ?

My priority is having having a clear route to follow, one that I can plug in myself beforehand from the PC. Am not that fussed about heart-rate, lap-times etc

Did London to Brighton, via back-roads, recently and spent a lot of the time either lost or fiddling around with a map. Other than that it was a great cycle.

I have done some research, which lead me to Garmin but then read on 'Which.co.uk' website that the Garmin 605 isn't that great for navigation !!

Cheers all


  • Don't have one myself but my mate was banging on about a brill one called a garmin edge which sounded like it did everything, other than pedal the bike.

    You could have a google and see if it meets your needs?

  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I have the Garmin edge 705 and love it. Having spent £257 on it along with a cadence sensor from Handtech (the cheapest), I couldn't afford the maps but found you can download free routable street maps for it from www.openstreetmap.org (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download). To make a route I use www.mapmytri.com and then export the route as a GPX file which I then just put on the onboard memory. If you want to do long routes then the better way of doing it would be to buy the Garmin City Navigator DVD (£80), install their Mapsource program and then you can make the routes on your computer but it must be the DVD version to do this. The routing can be a bit awkward, it told me to turn right in 10m whilst doing 30km/h - needless to say I was past the junction before it finished giving the instruction - but having the map with a breadcrumb trail on screen is useful enough. I think the wealth of data it collects from your rides outweighs any minor issues with the routing however.
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