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Injury Porn!

I've hummed had haahed over exposing my unshaven knees to the world. But in the spirit of advancement of science, I present the following. This is the aftermath of a 21 minutes LV threshold run. On tracks. The soreness is on the inside right the knee. The swelling came out during the following night. This picture was taken about 50 hours after the run. I've have used RICE, and am now on my second day of anti-inflammatory tablets.

I've been to the GP. There's nothing to traumatic about the injury - seems to be above the patella swelling (by traumatic I mean that nothing is broken, there's no apparent bleeding or infection). The pain is more at the discomfort level - and Range of Motion (because of the swelling) was about 12.5 degrees at that point.

4 Days later it is still pretty swollen, but I can now almost bend the joint through to a 90 degree angle if I push a bit.

I find it fascinating that you can get this degree of swelling through simple use - (i.e. not the result of a rugby tackle or ski-ing fall).



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