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What to take on a training camp...

AndreAndre Posts: 103
So, I've got a training camp coming up in May and, I have to confess, I'm not entirely sure how much stuff to take with me. I've travelled quite a bit and done similar camps in the winter, but at these it's pretty much par for the course that people will wear the same kit day in, day out.

I wondered if anyone had any advice on what to take along..? I'm happy with all of my run and swim kit, but I'm totally new to cycling - in the summer - and I'm going to have to make some purchases.

Also... Is it a bit naff to own and wear all of a teams kit? I'm smitten by the Cervelo Test Team kit from Castelli, as well as Castelli kit in general. Or should I buy Wiggle/DHB kit and be able to buy twice as much of it? [Nevermind the fact that I ride a Giant and have no intention of buying a Cervelo any time soon - or ever!]


  • AndreAndre Posts: 103
    Irrespective of my biking ability, I just know that I'll look like a tool head-to-toe in it, but... it's so pretty: it's black and red and it's expensive, so it MUST be the perfect kit for a triathlete, right?
  • pacman2102pacman2102 Posts: 247
    I have just come back from a 10 day camp and the best thing I took was arm warmer for when you are coming down the hill or when it's slightly cold in the morning. Depends where you are going in the world for the training camp. I went to spain so was reasonably hot
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