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Just a quickie....

...Are tumble turns allowed during pool swim in tris?

Thanks in advance!


  • you need to check the rules for each individual race - some (like Thames Turbo) allow tumble turns, others will give you a time penalty or even a disqualified.
  • tomtristomtris Posts: 135
    jeez really?! hey ho, thank you I will check with organisers
  • teamspiritteamspirit Posts: 148
    Even if u can tumble during an event is it really that much quicker?
  • LimeycatLimeycat Posts: 29
    Depends on the swimmer, but I reckon for myself that a reasonably well-executed tumble turn is at least 1-2 secs faster than a push, simply 'cos I never do anything other than tumble in training.

    When I did an aquathlon recently, tumbles weren't allowed and I came in over a minute slower than my normal 400m free training times. Admittedly this included hauling myself out of the pool and walking partway to the transition area, but I reckon that would at most have been half a minute). I took the swim fairly steady 'cos I was so conscious of having the run after (my first ever), but it certainly didn't feel slower than training when I'm used to repping 200s and 400's, so I reckon the push turns made up most of the difference.

    When I pushed off I also nearly ended up going into the next lane three times, 'cos my lane was swimming the opposite direction from how I train - hellish confusing!! [:(]
  • tomtristomtris Posts: 135
    teamspirit wrote:

    Even if u can tumble during an event is it really that much quicker?

    Makes a HUGE differnece to me, after years of tumble turns they are pretty damn good. Would certainly add a lot off on my swim split if I had to just touch turn.

    Would imagine if you weren't any good at them it wouldnt make any difference.

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