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Ladies Bike Seats?

Hi Ladies (or well-informed husbands and boyfreinds),

I'm trying to find a more comfortable ride for my wife. I can't really relate to what she's feeling. Any suggestions, or is the bike seat just something she has to get used to?




  • pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    I have used women specific saddles and they are better. I have this big squishy comfort saddle on my hybrid/MTB bike (it's about 9 yrs old) and though I thought it pretty good at the time- when I compare to my womens' specific saddles on my tourer and roadie it's nowhere near as comfy.The touring bike saddle has that split in the middle to alleviate pressure on sensitive bits. I had this saddle fitted for me by SJC Cycles when I got my bike- they often come in different widths/lengths as we are all different shapes. It took me about 150 miles to "break in " the saddle but then it was fine. I have done thousands of kms on this saddle now and it's great.

    On the road bike I also got a women's specific saddle but without the cut away- it's less comfy- it is a road bike! but still pretty good.

    Another thing to look at is seat angle -it has been suggested that women like the nose tipped slightly forward- which I have felt helps, but again it depends on the riding position (commuter bike versus MTB versus road bike).

    I would suggest going to a good bike store that has female cyclist staff and get your wife something to fit her shape and type of bike.

    Good luck![:)]
  • TurtleTurtle Posts: 29
    Thanks Piglet!
  • RockmonkeyRockmonkey Posts: 14
    Hi Turtle

    I use a Specialized BG womens saddle on all my bikes and find them very comfy. I'd echo Piglet's sentiment of having the nose of the saddle slightly tipped forward. Also female specific shorts are worth the investment [:)]
  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    As a lady I wouldn't suggest pointing the nose of the saddle down - this can increase pressure on the hands.

    I use female-specific shorts but personally a BG men's saddle suits me better than the lady BG saddle I had previously.

    Be prepared to do some experimenting and remember that the most expensive saddle is not necessarily going to fit your wife better just because it costs more. You might need to try two or three before she feels comfortable (and remember, it's all relative!).

    Returning to the subject of shorts, I did a scientific study the other week, where I compared my other half's Endura shorts with my female-specific ones; and I couldn't see one difference! They looked absolutely identical. Apart from the annoying lack of bib shorts for ladies but that's another topic entirely.....
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