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The other side

First tri on Sunday at Eton, total time 1 hr 20min 12 secs. Summary below...

Weather was sh1te and the nerves were kicking in big time. Got there in plenty of time so registration was a doddle. Racked my bike which was one of only 5 in there at the time so went with the misses to the cafe and had a double espresso which I really didn't need. Cue an hour of nervous twitching and endless gibbering to the misses, she's a saint!

Meet a guy who's in my wave (I was number 5 he was number 2) so we both felt concious that everyone would think we were elites! Back down to transition with 25mins to go, sort out my kit in the driving rain, realised I've not actually practiced before... idiot. Talc in bike and run shoes, drop talc in bag, so talc over everthing. Put my wetsuit on up to my waist and finish off set up. Realise with 10 mins to go I've got my wetsuit on back to front. DOH! Frantically sort that out and leg it to the start. Starter gives the instructions including "Bike is four laps" to which the guy next to me shouts "We've got to bike as well?" which made me laugh hard. And before I know it, everyones swimming! Sh1t! 1 minute in and I'm struggling... breathing hard and have to throw in some breaststroke. Try again... and a minute later I'm back doing breaststroke. Yeesh! Fear creeps in and I'm staring at a DNF. F##k that Dave keep going! Manage to get round but the realisation I've got a bike and run to do is playing on my mind.

Into T1... Stupid wetsuit won't come off. Manage to tear it off and on with the helmet and bike shoes. Due to the rain, the talc has turned into a nice sludge, lovely but no other issues and after a few minutes, despite the cold and rain I'm starting to enjoy myself! Red Kev was the nuts. He loved it more than I did and spurred me on (thats my bike by the way - Cheers Blinky!). Rest of the bike uneventful, into T1. Legs don't feel to bad, other than they seem to want to run in different directions... Shoes on (more talc sludge) and I'm off on the run feeling like I can do this. Also pass a few people too which I wasn't expecting! Sub 24min 5k which I was well happy with, no sprint finish though as I had NOTHING left.

Loved it.

Post race bowel issues which saw me waste the lunch the misses bought me. Spent the whole evening up and down. Ouch.

Oh, and somehow seem to have come home minus my wetsuit. How did that happen??? Will be emailing human race today. Idiot.

In summary, had a great day, met some cool people but sorry I didn't stick around to meet the forum guys and gals (see bowel issues).

Thanks everyone for your support and advice, I truly couldn't have done it without you (and Red Kev)

Big up everyone



  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Nice one dave, enjoyed the post!

    So what does it REALLY feel like, having completed the first one? Do you feel different?
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    How do I feel? No bl00dy different!!! Determined to sort out my swim for Windsor as have heard that can be a killer and I bl00dy well will.

    Its all about the next one right? Bring it on!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hey Dave

    Thats fantastoc mate. I am glad you and Red Kev made it through. I do believe you can call yourself a TRIATHLETE now!

    Maybe your wetsuit was an offering to the triathlon gods?

    Serious fella great effort and well done. bring on the next one hey!
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