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Anyone doing Rivington in a couple of weeks over near Chorley way? Ive signed up so im planning on going over to do the bike / run course on one Sunday before the race....Anybody fancy it?


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    hi phil ... if i can swing another sunday off work I will be doing the race... cant get away for na training session tho' before (pity)...shuold you spot a mad bloke in a warrington tri suit with NSPCC on the ars3 ... then say hello ..

  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    yeah will do - ill be the skinny runt at the back of the swim pack!
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    I was at Salford Aquathlon the other night and heard that Rivington may be turned into a duathlon as the water is full of scum? Anyone else heard this? I cant get on my email at the moment so don’t know if ive been sent anything?
  • Did the Rivington race on Sunday, wow it was hard! I managed to put a decent swim (by my standards) in, took me 35 mins and I was taking it real easy so im pleased with that. The bike leg was unbelievable, it was nearly all hills and road surface was appalling in places, really took it out of me haha, by the time I had entered T2 I was in pieces! The run was really hard as I was a spent man by then, and quite a bit of it is off road track. Did a total time of around 3 hrs I think (we didn’t have timing chips so im having to go off spectators watches!). Man that’s a hard course, makes London and Windsor look like a piece of cake! Bike course is good training for anyone that’s going to attempt Ironman UK 70.3 though!
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