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Ticking noise on new Allez Elite

Hi guys/girls ... first thread and first tri completed last week at Blenheim 1hr 28 whoo hoo!

Just wanted to get an opinion re my new bike. I bought a Specialized Allez Elite from Sigma sports (fantastic shop) 3 weeks ago. The bike has covered only 60km including the race distance from last week. From day 1 there was an annoying ticking noise which became louder and more frequent under stress through speed or hill climb.

The bike has been back to Sigma twice, first time they replaced the levers to a set of Ultegra including new cables but the tick was still there. Secondly they re-greased all the main crank and pedals etc even though these were brand new. This cured the ticking and performed brilliantly in the race at blenheim. However, yesterday I went out for a quick blast and its back.

I know this could be a hundred things but should I take back to Sigma again ..... I live in Bromley so its a 2 hr round trip and apart from eating into training time its also wearing a little thin with her in doors!

Im thinking that a tick doesnt effect performance but on the other hand the bike cost me a grand so why should I live with annoying ticks on a new bike?


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Hard to say without seeing the bike.

    Can you stick the bike on a turbo trainer and have someone listen while you ride? Sigma may be able to do this I guess? From experience I know it's really hard to work out where on the bike a funny noise is coming from while you're riding it.
  • i160978i160978 Posts: 13
    I guess what I'm asking is am I being anal about it ... as in do bikes tick and therefore I should live with it? I used to commute 30miles a day on a hybrid and noises could always be sorted with a good lube but that was after very high milage and crap weather ... this bike has done minimal distance and it like new because only ridden in the dry so far.
  • BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    I would tel them you are bringing it back and want a refund..... its not the cabel from teh front derailier hitting your shoes as you pedal is it? :)
  • i160978i160978 Posts: 13
    Ha ha ... no they did do the idot check over the phone but one of their guys took it for a spin and confirmed I wasnt a tw*t. I think I'll call them to report the fault is still there but suggest I leave it til 1st service .... Im just worried that Im gonna be stuck with an expensive bike that I hate riding cos of an annoying tick!
  • WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    Any ideas on where the tick is coming from in relation to the bike?
  • i160978i160978 Posts: 13
    Definitely coming from the chainset .... Sigma said that it should come sufficiently lubed but they stripped down and re-greased which stopped the ticking but it has returned after just 25 kms.
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