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Cycle Hydration experiment? opinions welcome

Done a little research,

there maybe is a product that exists on the market, however I can't find it!

Instead of a areo bottle on my tri bars, I've decided to try a normal bottle in the bottle holder with a food grade siicone tube taped to the frame coming out around the same place the areo bottle straw would be for hydrating on the go.

I would only try this in training a couple of times then save it for racing.

bought some tubing from a 'home brew' website for around £3 delivered. so if it works its a fairly cheap efficient hydration system. the bore tubing I bought is 5/16'' (imperial unit).

Anyone tried this? I've never seen it anywhere and I doubt I'm the 1st person to invent it!!

what does everyone think?



  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Reading that over did I explain it very well??
  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    How far will you be sucking liquid up? My aero bottle straw sits just below & in front of my chin and I only have to draw liquid up 10-20cm. From what you've described you might have to draw the liquid up a fair old way, could get quite tricky.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i've pretty much got the same thing as you described but slotted into my tri bars! i also got my office model maker to laser cut me a couple of 46mm dia discs with a suitable hole in the middle which i have taped to the top of the bottle. i've gone for 11mm dia brewers tube as well.

    i used this set up a couple of weeks ago and for commuting since, but it's far from perfect. the flex on the tube means that it's not completely at mouth height, and the longer you make the tube the more it can flex.

    the water tastes a bit rough after coming through the tube. i keep hoping it will start tasting better soon but it doesn't. i might stick some flavour in it for my next race to mask it.

    as mr squishy suggests, the draw on the tube will quite something, but i guess the first time you draw liquid some will hopefully stay in the tube to make it easier.

    i figure that for a few quid it's got to be worth a go, just make sure you test it plenty before a race!
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