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Switch to Sprint?

Good morning,

I've entered the south coast classic Olympic distance after bowing to a bit of peer pressure and whilst I've done a reasonable amount of training I'm beginning to think I should have gone for the Sprint. I know I could do the sprint and hopefully set a reasonable time but I'm thinking that the Olympic might me just a bit too much and I'll be worrying about making it out of the water instead of thinking about competing [&:].

Shall I switch, what would you do if you'd never done a triathlon before? Any help would be welcome!




  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    Hey there Damo,

    I was in exactly the same position you are at the start of my season this year when I did Windsor. I had previously done London sprint distance last year so know I can do that, but decided to push up to Olympic at Windsor. Prior to the event I was bricking it and seriously thought about downgrading to Sprint, however in the end I eventually stuck with it. The swim was really difficult for me as im a very weak simmer, but when I climbed out and finished the event I was so chuffed!! If I was you I would stick with it, if you can finish the sprint in a reasonable time, you can def finish an Olympic – and my opinion is a last placed finished Olympic is much better than any place at sprint distance…so go for it, and enjoy it rather than looking for 1st place!!!!
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673

    If you reckon you can set a reasonable time at the sprint then I am pretty sure you are more than capable of finishing the oly...just go out there and enjoy it...

  • Hi damo - i know how you feel as i am in a similar/opposite position - i entered the fun event back in March when triathlon might as well be raced on the moon for all i knew about it - i couldn't even swim! However since then i have done 3 sprints all 1.15-1.32, and now can do a mile in the pool (what fun i've had). I would love to swap to the sprint (NOT ready to do 1500 in the sea!) as the distances for the fun aren't exactly motivating me.

    Will they swap at this late stage anyway? - I am sure you will be fine, lets pray for calm seas whatever distance! good luck

  • DamoDamo Posts: 4
    I've made my mind up, I'm going for it. The full Olympic in the sea and yes I will be bricking it before the event.

    Fingers crossed for a nice calm sea, a bit of luck and I might make it back out alive!

    I did my fisrt 10k of the year last Saturday with Bonus B and that was fine, I did way more than the full bike distance the week before and that was also fine. The only bit is the swim, oh and putting it all together!!![:'(]

    Here's hoping, if you see me, I'll be the terrified looking person not wanting to get into the sea or in the boat being pulled from the water!
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Yes the barsteward was running along quiet comfortably not even struggling to breath whilst I was having to gulp huge lung fulls of air just to stay upright. And he's worried about an Oly? Sheesh [8D]
  • Yeah go for it mate! I did the same thing- only registered for the sprint instead of the fun one! Silly...silly! Ha ha! You'll absolutely storm it don't worry- enjoy the fact that deep in your heart you believed in yourself enough to do the distance...and find it again. You can do it. You just need to remember that! [:)]
  • having seem a brief glinse of bonus in his "hurt box" and seeing his oly time..damo you are gonna cruise it...
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279

    Good luck to Damo, Rebbo and any others doing the tri down at Seaford this weekend though (or indeed any other race!).
  • rebborebbo Posts: 58
    thanks BonusB - note on the fun2tri website says sea may be too choppy for swimming full/any distance, but should be good fun either way. As long as I beat my wife, twin & younger brother....
  • DamoDamo Posts: 4
    Thanks for the support, just packing my kit now! Still scary doing the first tri and in a way if the swim was replaced by the run because of the weather that might be better! Only joking, I still wouldn't be able to call myself a triathlete until I've actually done it.

    Hopefully I'll finish!

    Good luck to everyone else who's taking part, in Seaford or anywhere else this weekend.


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